What do you say “Thank you” for on Thanksgiving Day? Do you spend some time with your family and friends? Why do we celebrate the day when the original meaning has been lost so long a go.

I know that people are in need and I always try to remember that there are those who are challenged in this time of year. I am the person who is wishing that those who have extra share with someone who is less fortune than themselves. My ultimate dream would be one that is a strange one: I would like for those who have a little bit more to share without wanting something in return. To give for the sake of giving, not to do it so other people can say that you did a good thing.

Its thought of that Thanksgiving  is an American holiday  but it doesn’t have to be. Just like it doesn’t have to be on Thursday… it can be every day if a person choose to open their hearts and give of themselves.

To those who I am truly thankful for are my parents, family  and those who are willing to work with me. A very special Thank you go to those who are in the service of this country. They are not forgotten and I hope that they are safe .



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