Fact or Myth

023compassilluminati-symbols-eyeIs the Illuminati fact or myth? Is there really a secret government trying to run everything? How long have they been around?

The Illuminati means ‘The Enlightened One’. So  if a group is claiming to the ‘Enlightened Ones’ why would so many see them as a threat? There was a group called ‘The Illuminati’ in the 1700’s in France. They wanted free thinking for all, the ability to be part of a world of education, to have the ability to ‘enlighten’ oneself through knowledge.

People have said they are part of the Masons. The Freemasons are another very misunderstood group. From what I know and I am no expert on them, the Freemasons are nothing more than people whom are trying to ‘build people up’. This isn’t satanic, this is showing the world there is a higher level of information out there.

There is a saying out there that knowledge is power. So if we can see the information, learn from it, and understand it then we have the ability to understand where others come from and that gives the person an advantage over the other.

Some say that places like the Grove in Oregon is a place where the few that can afford to get in are making choices for us. We were given the right and freedom to make choices on our own. It is called free will. No one can take it away. The question is do we let people control it or not.

In America we have a major Presidental Election coming up. My phone rings with people wanting my support for everyone and I ignore the calls … why? I want to do the research on those people first. I want to see where their loyality lies and why.

It comes down to myth or fact … If you are going to believe the myth or try to learn the facts about the real person, place or thing.


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