A Riddle…


“I see with out seeing, to me darkness is as bright as daylight. What am I?”

Some remember this from one of the Batman movies but here is the riddle to it, if a person who has sight but is able to see the truth then is there any darkness?

To me the truth hides in the darkness, the bowels of the beast that no one wants to venter into, the fear that hides within all of us.

If I was to tell you that there is a world under, around, next to and on top of ours … most would say get back on my medication but there is. It isn’t the world of the dead. It is the world of forgotten knowledge. When you read a post on the internet you are making a choice. As everyone knows in the human equation choice is the great imbalance. The reason is simple, as long as a person has a choice then they will use it. They may not realize that they are but they do.

The world of forgotten knowledge is no different, people want things to be the status quo and that isn’t the best thing to have. It has been proven that if we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it. So lets look at the past and see what is there.

The Mayan’s were a great civilization but they disappeared, their temples reclaimed by the jungles, their people hidden in plain view, their gods forgotten. Yet in 2012, people had to deal with the fact that the long count was about to end. People said it was the end of days. It was a time of rebirth instead. A chance to make things right. Did we do it? People let the status quo go on.

If we look at what the Mayan’s did before the end of the great cities we can see that history is repeating itself. There was too much of the forest removed, that caused drought and that caused war. They couldn’t feed themselves so they went to where there was food and left the great cities. What are we doing right now, over forest removal, population that is expanding too fast and people are losing faith.

So my riddle at the beginning doesn’t seem so strange. Or does it. For I do see without seeing, to me darkness is clear as daylight but I am not blind as a bat.


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