The ‘True’ American

coremissionsthumbtve72796-20100328-1877c87304adb1484ae74e2275267c06f114What makes a true American? Is it the color of their skin? The color of their hair? The language they speak or is it something else?

This is one of those fun questions to ask due to the fact that it could be those and so much more. To me a ‘true’ American is how the person feels on the inside. Are they willing to make the total sacrifice for their country? Do they feel that everyone owes them something?

A person that I see as a true American is someone who is willing to make the sacrifice for others. They don’t have to be a person from the US Armed Forces, they could be a Professional Wrestler, a person who works in law enforcement, or the person who is willing to give the last of what they have for someone who needs it.

We have people that feel that if a person doesn’t speak English then they aren’t a true American. When the Constitution was written there was nothing put in place saying that you have to speak English to be part of this country. America has no ‘official’ language.

People say that if the person isn’t of Caucasian decent then they aren’t a true American – the first people here were the Native American’s and they don’t have blond hair or blue eyes.

Before you judge someone, look in your soul and see if you have what it takes to be considered a ‘true’ American.


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