What is Special…

What is special in your life? Do you have a favorite person in the political arena right now? Why?

The fact is that every person that is willing to try to make that leap has something to offer, but is it all good? If we look back in history there are those that would appear to be good only to cause a lot of problems in later time. One of those that did more good than bad for the country is FDR, here is the thing that most don’t realize, he had gotten polio as a young man and needed to wear braces to walk. Most of the time he was in a modified wheelchair.

Let’s look at his life a bit deeper and see what else he did: most know that he was the President when Pearl Harbor was attacked and that brought us into WWII. Did you know that the day he went to the Congress to give his famous speech he used Al Capone’s armored car to get there? At the time the President didn’t have the armor car that they do now to get around.

When he did the walk through congress it was his son who walked with him all the way. For FDR walking was more of a controlled falling series. The braces that he wore would prevent his knees from moving and so he would put the cane out swing one leg then the other and his son would step forward.

The fact was that he served four terms as President. He was the one who created Social Security and he was the one who gave his only remaining son to this country.

Here are some sites with other information on him.





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