Do we need …

Do we really need a person in the highest office in the land that has said some of the stuff that Mr. Donald Trump has said? I was listening to the news this morning and he was saying that ‘Climate Change isn’t a crisis.’

Now before you walk away, please listen to what I have to say. I will put the links in as well so you can draw your own conclusion. In the last twenty five years how warm has it gotten.  The most recent is 2015, is to be one of the hottest. ( ) We know that storms are getting larger, stronger and costing more money to recover from. If you look at the most recent storms, you get Sandy, Katrina and others ( ).

Now this is just the US, for the longest time it was thought that there wouldn’t be any in the southern part of the Atlantic and in 2004 we had the first one ( )

Now we get the 2016 Presidential race going and Donald Trump said this on MSNBC’s Morning Joe news show ”

Trump referred specifically to Obama’s remark that there is no greater threat to future generation than climate change.

“When we have large groups of people that want to blow up every one of our cities, that want destroy our country, that kill our people, and he’s worried about global warming. I think it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen,” Trump said in an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today.

Trump called Obama “naive” for saying that the summit in Paris would send a strong message to terrorists and mocked him and other environmentalists for changing the preferred term from “global warming” to “climate change.”

“They have so many new terms because the old ones don’t work anymore,” he said.

When asked about his position on climate change, Trump said that he appreciated some environmental efforts and touted awards he was given as a businessman on the issue.

“We want to have clean air to breathe and we want to have beautiful clean water,” he said.

He also pointed out that countries like China continue to burn coal and pollute the planet, while liberals wanted the United States to voluntarily cripple its economy.

“If you’re talking about global warming or climate change, you have to make the whole world behave,” he said. “You can’t just say we’re going to behave and make become noncompetitive, because we’re behaving.” ( )

What I see in all of this is that we are in big trouble. If the planet keeps heating up we aren’t going to have a safe home anymore. I know that people want to be able to have their cars, be able to turn the lights on and my question is when the air is so bad that alerts are put out that it isn’t safe to go outside due to the air quality what are we going to do? China ran into this issue a few days ago. They had particulates in the air  at an astounding 611. The World Health Organization says that good clean air should be at 0 to 50.( )–we-need-clean-air–clean-water-576202307582

Shall we think before putting this kind of person in the Oval Office?



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