The Mummy Series…. an inside view

“Are you sure you want to be playing around with this thing?”

“It’s just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book.”  ( ) What is the problem with Evelyn’s thinking? In the movie we see a lot of problems. I am one of the people that can find some of the strangest things in movies that others don’t seem to see.

The interesting thing is that books are rapidly going out of style. I have seen people who will read them only in a digital format. While this might be lighter to carry around I see several issues with it, what happens when things get to where they are ban and a person has only a digital copy of something, will they still have access to it… no.  They loose it. I have had it happen to me before.

“Know this: this creature is the bringer of death. He will never eat, he will never sleep, and he will never stop.”  ( ) Doesn’t Ardeth’s thinking describe the way that humans behave? We seem to destroy everything in our way. Whether it is forest, animals we seem to spread and destroy what is in our way and go on until there is nothing left.



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