The VA

The VA Medical Centers are supposed to help those who have been willing to serve this country. The fact is that there are those who feel Veterans don’t ‘deserve’ the services that we get there. So I thought it was time to really take a look at what the VA does for the Veterans of all the Military Branches.

First off and most important: Thank you to the ones that have served and those who do serve in the Armed forces.

The Veterans Affairs program was set up in 1930. This was during the presidency of President Hoover. It was to help those that had served honorably get help that they needed.

The VA medical centers have had several … shall we say ‘technical challenges’ over the years.  For a while they were not getting funding to the right areas and that caused people to have health problems. There have been more Veterans than there are those who can help them.

At the same time the VA Medical Centers have made leaps in ways that everyone can be thankful for. The VA was the group that came up with Electronic Medical Records. They are the people that have worked with colleges to realize that there are things out there that people don’t see and can’t understand. They work as a team. I know due to the fact that when I have a question about a medication it has to be cleared by several people before it is given to me. These are different doctors that are working with me then the pharmacist has to make sure there are no interactions with the things that I take, then they have the allergy list to go over and if everything works out then they will send it to me.

I still hear the people who say that we don’t need to spend the money on Veterans and I will admit I get frustrated. These are the people who are willing to give everything including their lives for this country. Take the time to say thank you instead.


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