Confused …

I often find that I am confused. This has shown more recently than I care to admit. I love history. I find that there are those who say that things didn’t happen that did. As a military veteran I find that I am so frustrated at the way that kids behave it isn’t funny. I am so tired of the fact that things that we (people in their 40’s) went through is now considered abuse. I will explain.

When I was growing up, we had something called chores.  This sounds strange to the kids today. I remember having to clear the table, do dishes by hand, and wash the entire family laundry. This was the way things were. My parents worked and that was what I was told that I had to do. There was no negotiation on it. I did the job that I had and that was it. As I got older there were things that were age correct were added.

There were times that I got in trouble as any kid did. The fact is that there were times that I tasted my dad’s belt due to the fact that it was felt I had not learned the lesson that they were trying to teach me. I learned that I had to work in order to get the new Levis that I wanted.

We didn’t have cell phones, if we were going to be late, we had to find a pay phone and call home. If we had a homework assignment we had to go to the library to get the access to the Encyclopedias that had the information. We had to read through more and more information then had to write the information out on paper with a ball point pen.

Today: kids have computers, (some don’t even know how to write). They want to find something out … they Google it. They have cell phones with mini computers in them. If you try to tell them no they say you are being abusive to them and threaten to call the state on you. You spank them and you are ‘assaulting’ the child. Now it has almost become a crime to say no to them.

We grew up in a way that world where we had to learn the hard way and  now kids are (In my opinion) spoiled and don’t understand life.





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