Money is Everything

Why is money everything?   There is a reason that I say this. I will explain.

I work for a  company that provides phone, internet and cable. I work 40+ hours a week trying to make ends meet. The thing is that the company that I go through for phone, internet and cable is Comcast. The reason that I have to use Comcast is due to the fact that Comcast won’t allow the company that I work for to put service in the complex where I live.

I got a call from Comcast on Wednesday wanting to know when I could pay my bill. I told them that I had to pay my rent first and the person told me that I needed to choose, my rent or their services. WTF! They want me to be homeless to pay for a bill that was supposed to be getting lower instead of higher. They have increased my cost knowing that I am disabled and my husband is that way too.

When I contacted my boss I was told to contact HR about getting services through the company. The problem is that Comcast won’t let the company that I work for put service in.

So they have told Frontier that they can put services in but they won’t let a smaller company do the same. Now I understand that they are out to make a profit but when the rep says that I need to choose between having a place to live and their services I get pissed.

The other thing is that the Federal Government feels that a family of two adults can make it on less than 2500 a month GROSS income. My husband used to get SSI and is disabled. When I started working we were told that I had to report the amount that I made each month. OK not a problem. Then they told us that I made too much money and that my husband would not only loose his funding but that we had to pay it back.

So I tried to find out why. First place to look the website – that said 3000 dollars before the other person would loose their funds. OK call the local office, I am not allowed to talk to the person without my husbands ok. Not a problem. Then they said I wasn’t on his acct and therefore there was a problem. Then I get told by another person that I am on his SSI and that it is 2000 dollars in the State of Washington to loose the SSI funding.

OK so what about his medical, they took that away too. Reason? I make too much gross income to have him on the services.  Now this is out of control.

I don’t understand why people feel that money is more important than a person’s well being.  Can someone explain this to me?


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