A Spear

When I ask what do you think of when I say a spear? Some will think of the one that pierced the side of Jesus. Others may think of a Roman Spear. Others may think of the lightening bolt of Zeus.

It doesn’t matter what you think they are – it is the emotional connection that we have with it. For those of the Christian faith, when you mention a spear they think of the ‘Spear of Destiny’. It is said that the person who has it has the ability to change the world for good or evil. Let’s look back at the history of that item. There are ones in Vienna Austria, and the one at the Vatican. Both are said to have good linage but here is the thing, if the spear of Longinus that did pierce the side of Christ, why would the Roman’s keep it?

The one in the Vatican has a problem, it doesn’t come into the possession of the Vatican until the 1400’s and then was used as a political  bribe. The story that I have most often heard was that a the Pope had a Sultan in prison and the younger brother gave him an annual payment and the spear to keep the older brother in prison. So we go from the time that Christ died to the middle of the 1400’s before it shows up.

Lets look at the one in Vienna, it had been part of the Holy Roman empire crown jewels passing through several rulers starting with Constantine. Then when Napoleon was about to get his hands on it the Hapsburgs moved it to Vienna to keep it out of his hands. They feared that if he got a hold of it he would destroy the world. It was there the a young man named Hitler saw it and wanted it.

So the item has power if in the fact that it can make a person feel that they have power. So what happened to it at the end of WWII? Some say it is off the coast of the US in a U-boat at the bottom of the Atlantic, some say it is Antarctica, some say that it is back in Vienna. Do we really know?

The main thing is that if a person feels an item gives them a power then that is in theory a kind of ‘Spear’.


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