What would you do…

What would you do if you found an ‘unknown’ creature on the beach? What if that creature was something that could hurt people? What if it was meant to have been gone millions of years ago?

There is a term that science uses to describe creatures like this – Lazarus Taxon.

The planet has been able to hide things that we thought were only myths. There was the ‘Pigmy White Whale’ that was found in December of 2012. It is considered to be a living fossil. (http://www.ibtimes.com/extinct-whale-found-pygmy-whales-thought-be-living-fossil-long-extinct-cetotheres-952102 )

There has been Coelacanth that was found in 1938 off the coast of South Africa.  They were thought to have gone extinct over 12 million years ago. They grow to be about 2 meters long and are carnivorous. ( http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/fish/coelacanth/ )

So why can’t there be other creatures hidden in the deepest parts of the ocean? There is proof that with the recent changes in the underwater world, what could be hidden down there? We found the Colossal Squid that was thought to be nothing more than a myth.

When people go into the deepest parts of the ocean, for the longest time it was thought that it was barren of life. Now we find new things every time we go down.

There are some pictures that people say have to be photo shopped. The question is why would people do it. One of the most controversial is the WWII photo that was taken off of South Africa showing a pair of U-Boats and a huge set of fins. The date on the photo is said to be 1942.  shark20beside20german20u20boat20world20war20ii

So people have said more than once that this has to be faked. But why would the Discovery channel fake a photo especially one with the symbol in the right corner that is there. So here is my question, why if this one is a fake then what about this one?


This was said to be done in 2013, in South Africa again. Why would they fake it? There are photo shop programs that would be able to do this image but with the amount of detail that they show can you imagine the amount of time it would take?


This was done in Hawaii. It is an image of a humpback whale missing it’s tail. The removal of the tail is important for many reasons. Any underwater creature that would take on this size animal would want to prevent it from being able to swim.

Major animals that do this sort of attack: a Mako Shark would do that, a Great White Shark would do that but the scientist in Hawaii say that this never happened.  They are saying that it was faked by Discovery Channel to make their show look better.

So I decided to do some digging around to see what I can find: finding the information is hard to find. There are sites that are generalized but nothing specific.  In the early 1900’s most people didn’t even think about sharks until 1916 when there were attacks in New Jersey.

Since then people have been terrified of them. They are the oldest creatures on the planet and come from a time when the world was teeth and jaws.


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