Real vs Supernatural:

Have you ever found yourself wondering if what you are hearing is real or in your head? What about the shadow in the corner of your eye? The sound in the other room? How can you tell the difference?

For most of human kinds existence there has been a belief in the supernatural. Some have been called prophets. Some were called oracles. Others were called witches, but they all had one thing in common, they were said to be able to connect to the other side.

Now when you turn on the TV there are shows that are looking for ghost, claiming to be able to see beyond, taking people on tours of places that are haunted but why are they so popular. I have watched and listened to some of them and it is the same thing, people making claims and then a person says they can fix all of it.

There are some that might be real but when there are people that live not far from you and you know the location that they are going to, you can tell what is true and what is not.

I have believed that the supernatural is real. There are too many things that can’t be explained. When people say that ghost aren’t real, I ask them the question of why? How can you tell me that they aren’t? The fact that people can’t see something doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. If a person says that moving something with thought isn’t real, again how do you know? Is it because you can’t measure it?

There are more too life that you can measure, weigh or see.  If you ask a blind person what they hear, they may tell you things that you don’t hear. They use their senses differently than you do. So why do people think that things have to be able to measured, imaged, weighted and organized to be real.

The fact is that there is more to life than just things that can measured. Some people feel that there are layers of history. In one layer the dinosaurs still live, another WWII ended differently, these are all said to be going on around us, just a tiny bit out of sync with us.


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