Spam Alert

Have you ever noticed that you go to one site on line and suddenly you get tons of calls and emails offering just about anything and everything to you?

I found out the hard way by doing the simple thing of looking for a short term loan on line. I had within an hour 27 emails from companies that I didn’t know and about 10 calls to my cell and 5 to my home wanting  to give me a loan. When the people are asked what I had to do to get the funds they would want me to put the funds in my account and then withdraw it and send it to them via Western Union or MoneyGram. Not happening!

I tell the person that I am not willing to do that and what they are doing is called a crime they usually hang up real fast.

There are several sites that will track these types of calls and you can find them by doing a google search on the number. There are the people who will claim to be from the IRS and if they are really from the federal government then they will show on the caller id box as ‘US GOVERNMENT’ and when you ask questions such as a call back number they have one that is real along with an extension and you can verify that way.

Not all people are out to scam you but there is enough to be worried about. When not sure what to do then don’t give out your personal information. Trust me if we get enough people telling these people ‘NO’ then they will stop.

If they send stuff to you through the mail and it is a check – call the bank that it is drawn off of and find out if it is real. If it is fake then call the post office due to that is a federal fraud due to the post office is being used.


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