Riddle Me This….

Riddle me this, Riddle me that, how are people suppose to survive?

The reason that I ask this is simple. There are those who feel that people can survive on almost nothing and should be happy. Most of the country is working hard to make it, sometimes living from paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make it.

There are some government agencies that feel that a person’s income should say how they live. That is fine if they are looking at the NET INCOME. Most of the organizations that claim to want to help people feel that the person who is in need of help they will look at their GROSS INCOME.

These people that are supposed to be willing to help us. The people that I speak of are of the Social Security Office, Housing Assistant People, State Agencies People.  There are others as well. I am tired of fighting with them. The reason that I am tired of fighting is that every time I ask a question I get a different answer.

Here is an example of what I mean: A family of a husband a wife both are disabled. One is on SSI and the other goes out and gets a job that makes 15 dollars an hour. That person has to deal with the challenges of the job and gets a paycheck that they can take home after taxes and medical/ dental and other basic things are taken out of about 950.00 per every two weeks. Then they get told that because their GROSS Income is over $ 2000.00 per month the other person loses their benefits from Social Security including their medical. Then that person finds out that food assistance is no longer there for them, then after about 6 months of barely making it their rent goes up to over half their income. When they call the Housing people, it is due to their GROSS income.

This is driving those who can work into the ground.  You look at what a person pays out of each check automatically and how can that be counted as income. How can people say that funds that never come into their house be used against them? I don’t understand.

I work hard, I suffer through things that I shouldn’t need to and then I come home and find I can’t have basic real food (McDonalds doesn’t count due to the fact that I don’t eat there) and have to suffer with the health issues that come with it.

Why are we suffering so? This country could be great. It should be great, but we need to stand up and help those who are having issues.



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