Thank You

Thank You

This is a Thank you to those that have been there for me. The reason that I am saying this is simple. They need to hear it. The last week has been a challenge for me and they were willing to help out.

My mom flew in from out of town to help me while I had surgery. I have been one of those that has always been a fighter on when things go bad. The fact that she was willing to come out from Arizona and then willing to do things like to go to the store and help me when the pain was bad is a true blessing.

My father, he is willing to let her fly out when he could have asked me to do the best that I can. With the history that we have had his willingness to let her come out and help was a great surprise. To that I say thank you so very much.

There are those at the Seattle VA Medical Center that took care of me. Even when I got out of the hospital, I got a call today and they wanted to make sure that I got everything that I needed and that I was doing OK. They could have told me what to do and then gone on to the next person.

I know that these sound strange but the fact is that with out others we often don’t realize how bad things can get without them. I am thankful for them. I have been luckier than I realized when I look back on my past and now realize that even when I didn’t choose to see them standing there helping me stand up when things are down for me.

To them I say thank you so very much. You are loved in ways that most can’t understand. I may not show it but it is there.


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