Political And Stranger Things

With everything going on in the world, why do we want someone who behaves like a child who is going to have a fit if they can’t have things their way? The fact that Mr Trump said that he would ‘sue’ if he doesn’t get the Republican presidential nomination is a child who needs a good smack on the back side and told that the world doesn’t run around them.

As a veteran, when I look at who is wanting to lead the armed forces, I look at what they have said before and what they are saying now. I have always been proud of the military, and at the same time I know that there are problems with it. One is Street gangs in the service. There was a report done in 2007 where the DOD was told that the problem was larger than they were willing to say.

That was 2007, there is proof that the same Street gangs are still in the system. We are talking about the major gangs (Bloods, Latin Kings, MS 13 and others). If a person is
elected to the President of the USA and can’t keep their mouth under control,  we are in trouble.

Think about it when you listen to the news.


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