Net vs Gross

Have you been in the position of needing help and being told that your gross income is too much to get assistance? Sounds like a mistake, right? I am telling you a true story. When you get a new job, you feel great about it. The chance to show what you know, meet new people and learn new things.

When I got my job, it was that way for about two weeks. Then I started to do what I had been told that I had to do. I contacted DSHS, told them I had gotten a job and their response was to take all the food assistance away from my family. They told me that once my work medical insurance came into effect, my health care would be taken as well.  I had seen that one coming, so I had signed up for it at work. $80.00 per pay period but I had to have it.

I contacted the housing assistance group and they said they needed 3 months of pay stubs from me and they would adjust it. With my husband being disabled, we had to let SSI know about the job. I tried calling several times and left messages for them. After 3 months we got through, submitted the information that they asked for. SSI sent my husband a letter saying that his SSI and his medical was getting changed.  The same day, a second letter came saying that he had to pay almost $3000.00 back to SSI.

We went through the appeal and was told that my gross income was too high for him to get assistance.  Ok so I thought it couldn’t get any worse, then the letters started showing up saying that he had to pay the entire thing back in 15 days. We ended up getting a payment arrangement set up.

Now we’re in the position of the rent went through the roof. Not by my landlord’s doing, the housing assistance group said my gross income is part of the problem and the fact that one of us uses a hospital bed and it is just the two of us that we only need a one bedroom apartment and the person who uses the hospital bed can sleep in the living room. WTF?!  Have a disabled person sleep in the living room,  due to their families income.

I listen to the people who are running for the President of this country saying that they’ve going to make the country great and I wish they had to live in the situation that myself and others are in and then work on these issues.


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