Nature’s Way

Ever stop and think of nature and the way she works? Ever see the wonders around you? What would the world be like if everything was the same?

This planet is special. The only one in the known universe to have life, water and a diverse range of animals. If we change the planet to where everything is “safe” we loose so much. The foods that we eat are touched by the Bee’s. The oceans kept in balance by the shark. We owe a lot to the planet. So why do people want to destroy animals that are beneficial to the planet?

Sharks are not looking for a person to bite, they have no hands to tell that you are not food so they use what they are given… Their teeth have about the same amount of nerves as our fingers.

Bees don’t want to die trying to protect their home. When you get stung they do just that. They are protecting their queen.

The next time you hear about a shark attack, remember that we are in their home and need to respect the water. The next time you hear about a person who dies from a bee sting, look at it from their eyes.

Then try to do something to make sure that you are respectful of the animals that are around.


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