The Ancient Ones

Before you think this is another strange rant, watch the video above. There is a meaning to it that stands very true. I see it every day.  I hear it when I listen to the news. It is everywhere and the simple fact is that if we don’t figure out what they mean we are in trouble … big trouble.

If you don’t want to go to the link and listen to the words here they are.

Welcome, seeker,you have come for a prophecy.

Seems, Leonid have sent you and you are aware the supplicant.

I shall channel Appolo’s prophecy if he wills it.

Wait… Wait! I, the Oracle of great Apollo, am having a vision:

The Ancient Ones emerge and run in Chaos’ full eruption.

An evil band in every land delighting in destruction.

What seems shapeless formless and faceless their Great One is releasing.

So to enslave both god and knave their sorrows thus increasing.

Who is man to stay the hand of those the gods can’t better?

And a hero yet takes the bet to break the evil’s fetter

Three lights of hope to help you cope:

one south, in sand and wonder

One to the east defeat the beast and tear their plan asunder.

The final light will mark the fight, where you must face your fear.

A door ajar you travel far and yet you find it near.

What could this mean to us? If the ancient ones were doing this now, would we even see it? Would we understand what was happening? It doesn’t take a lot of insight to see the chaos running loose –maybe we need to be the hero?


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