Word Bond

Does anyone know what a word bond is? Does anyone even follow through with it? Does anyone even care anymore?

If a person says they are going to do something, then it is giving a word bond to them. If they are going to charge a set price and make the sale, that is a bond. Changing the terms without permission or for convenience is breaking that bond.

Sprint is doing just that. Sprint has commercials saying that they are going to do a cost less program for people to transfer to them. This is bogus. They have broken their word bond in so many times with me that it is pissing me off.

They told me that it would be about $70 for my monthly bill and now it is almost double. They are doing commercials saying they will pay for the transfer to them — I had to get the supervisor on the line to get any type of help with it and then it wasn’t enough.

They send me bills that don’t show the payments that I have made. This is the biggest mistake that they could do. I have tried to work with them and they haven’t chosen to stop messing with me.

I am so tired of this but I need to have the phone to make it to job interviews and other things.


DNA … Do Not Assume!!!


I was just listening to MSNBC and the breaking news makes me sick.  To the injured in Sacramento CA, my heart goes to you to get well and don’t let the hate fill your soul.

The reason I put this out as DNA, is more than one reason. The group that wanted to have the rally was a known part of the white power culture. The people who were there to protest it see people as people, color doesn’t matter.

The thing that people don’t think about is that it is proven that there may be only one or two genes difference in the person’s DNA that makes them fair skinned, or dark skinned. There is only one or two genes difference between a male and a female person. So to hold a rally about a person’s skin color is not the best thing in the world.

It is documented that fair skin, blonde hair, red hair, blue eyes are actually a genetic mutation. When people came out of the African continent they had a serious medical issue. Vitamin D. It is made in the human body through absorption of the sunlight. Those with darker skin and hair had a harder time creating it as they got into the European parts of the world.

Nature took over and began to lighten the skin and hair to be able to get the sun it needed to make Vitamin D. As evolution took over it began to become more lighter and fairer to balance out what is missing naturally.

Please Do Not Assume that a person’s skin color makes them less of a person!!!

We have had this problem for far too long in the United States and other places in the world. When are we going to see that there is other information that needs to be seen before judging people.

We have had this problem for as far back as humanity goes. The Spartan City State in Ancient Greece is an example. The only people who were allowed to have tombstones were mothers that had died in childbirth or a soldier that fell in battle. The kids were checked at birth to see if they were fit enough, if yes they lived, if no they were left to pass away.

Coming forward in time, when the Europeans came to the Americas, they thought that the Natives were all savages. These are people like the Hopi Indian Nation that traded with the Mayans. The people were judged by the fact that they lived a different life style.

The Ancient Ones …Anubis


All the religions have gods or lords of the dead. The reason that I chose Anubis for this one is the fact that so many people don’t truly understand who or what he is. This is something that we need to understand for many reasons. If we look at the different religions of the modern day we find there is normally one creature that is the main controller of the Underworld. I use the word Underworld instead of ‘hell’ for a good reason. To me they are very different things.

Anubis: is from the Ancient Egyptian religion which was a pantheon of Gods. The most common image that people see of Anubis is the hieroglyphs of the mummification of a pharaoh or the images of the ‘Opening of the Mouth’ ceremony when a person has passed.

So what else does Anubis do? It is seldom that the Gods do only one thing. Anubis is no different. Anubis helped with the embalming of the body, the ‘Opening of the Mouth’ so the soul can go to the afterlife and the most important one is (in my feelings) the waying of a person’s heart against the feather of Ma’at. She is the representation of ‘truth’ and the legend says that if a person’s heart is true then it will weigh the same as the feather.  (http://www.egyptianmyths.net/ ) If the scales balanced then the person was allowed into Field of Rushes. (http://australianmuseum.net.au/the-underworld-and-the-afterlife-in-ancient-egypt )

If the scales didn’t balance then the person had a slight problem …Ammut, the ‘Devourer’. The soul would be eaten by it.

Order out of Chaos


What if I told you that no matter how bad life gets there is a way to make order out of chaos? People feel that the speed of life is nothing than chaos having to move at the speed of light. The thing is that we can make order out of it.

If we take a look at the past, aside from the technology that we have, not much has changed. We still need the basic things; food, shelter, family and communities. Today if you ask people they will tell you that they don’t have time for their communities due to the jobs that they have, going to doing other things and that they don’t have honest time.

My question is this: if a person has time to go to the mall to get the most recent iPad, why don’t they have the time to sit and eat a regular dinner with their families? If a person has the time to drive to the coast for a wedding then why can’t they take the kids and make a weekend out of it for the entire family?

Now I know people feel that to keep up with others in their community they need to have the latest electronics or the newest TV but why? What happens if the power fails for an extended period of time? What good is the newest TV when they don’t have food to feed their kids? Is the TV going to keep them warm when the power is out and the kids need to sleep? Not really.

If a person has a hobby that is a benefit to others then they can work as part of a community to keep others safe and in return themselves safe. I am one of those people that likes to work with yarn. I make blankets for people, for no other reason than to give it to them. I have seen the joy on peoples faces when they get something that is hand made and it makes you feel good.

World’s Strangest Diets (A Joke Only)

This is meant to be a joke! DO NOT ATTEMPT!!!

There are several new diets that have come to my mind recently that are jokes and nothing more. Please be smart and laugh — trying these will not work!!!

The first one that I got was from watching a Science show on black holes. Now in order for this to work you would have to be able to defy gravity (Not happening on this level) and you would have to be able to afford the trip.

So to do this you will need: 1- supermassive black hole (there is one near by at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy) : 2- a ship that can get you there since the distance is 26 Thousand light years away (have to go super fast) and very good life insurance.

So you get to your destination: The supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The first thing you will notice is you are already a bit taller due to your spine relaxing, but you feel a stretching sensation, this is what you want. Get your feet pointed to the black hole and the ship goes closer to the Event Horizon. As you get closer you begin to do something called spaghettification. (You are now thin as spaghetti then SNAP – YOU RIP APART)!!!

The next one is just plain funny. If you are like me, you have long hair. When you wash it if you are a normal person, you let the shampoo run down your back — hence the problem.

If you read the label of most shampoo’s they are made to increase volume and mass.

The easy way to prevent this: 1- don’t let the shampoo run down your back and 2- Wash with Dawn Dish Soap! Their commercials say that it removes fat and grease. (So far I have never seen this one work, so don’t try it you will waste your money).

Thank You …

When was the last time you said ‘Thank You’ to the local police? When was the last time you gave a bottle of water to a person doing construction work? Or when a person was having trouble with getting the groceries in their car, when did you help?

There is a reason that I ask — this country has become so focused on the money aspect and what they are getting out of it that they don’t stop to think of what kindness can do.

Let me give you an example: I asked a person for some help due to some challenges that I have. I wanted to know if when they got their mail, could they get mine for me. With a walking challenge that I have it is hard to do sometimes — their response was ‘What do I get for it?’ This is getting the mail for a person with a disability, not going to the moon.

I was raised in a way that if the person had done that in my family (the official word is OUCH!) they would have had a lot of explaining to do. Now the cultures have changed so to where if you ask someone for some assistance they expect to be paid.

I know that times change, people’s looks on things change but my problem is this … when did we lose our humanity and sense of community? I have seen people who live in the same house, be in the same room and talk via texting! What would happen if their phones went poof? What if they had to use a pen and paper to write the report out?

The last job that I had, there were some ‘kids’ that didn’t know how to write in script. There are times that I get bored and will pull out a notebook and write. These ‘kids’ (under the age of 25) had no idea what it was that I was doing. They also had little to no manners.

My challenge is to show one person a bit of humanity, to say thanks to a local police officer, give a stranger working in the heat some water, help a person for no reason other than they need it and see the response you get.

Worlds… How many are there?

What if I told you there was more than one world on this planet? What if I told you that we live in a far different place than we think?

We have all heard the stories of things that go bump in the night. Places like Alcatraz. We have all seen the shows about Ghost Hunting and Haunted Places. Here is the thing, how do we know that they aren’t true? How can you say for sure that some can’t ‘see’ those that have passed on?

If I was to tell you that there is a world that is all around us, just above, just below, to the left or right that is held apart by an invisible barrier you would think I am nuts. But where is the world of the dead at?

Each religion over the years has had its own ideas, it’s own controllers of the dead, so why couldn’t it be true? If we go back to the Ancient Egyptian belief system, the reason that people were mummified was they thought that the spirit would use the physical body in the afterlife. There are many images of a person with the mask of Anubis opening the mouth of a Pharaoh before they went into the tombs.

In Greek mythology, you had to cross the Rivers: Styx,  Acheron, Cocytus, Phlegethon and Lethe before coming to a diamond gate that was guarded by Cerberus before going into Hades realm. You had to pay the ferryman to get across the rivers. Once there none could leave the Underworld. It was Hermes that led you to the ferry where your journey would begin.(http://www.greekmythology.com/Myths/Places/The_Underworld/the_underworld.html )

In the Roman mythology it was Pluto, that ruled. It is similar to the Greek myth.

I could go on into each religion but this is about the actual worlds we live in and not religion. 

When people are born with an insight into the other world, why are they looked at differently? Over the years people have been cast out of villages, burned as witches, seen as prophets, and now some are treated as a sideshow of a carnival. The fact is that they have a gift, a very special gift – they can help those who need help getting across to the other side.

People who do the ‘Ghost Hunting’ shows, they need to understand that not everything that is there is ‘evil’. Not everything there is a ‘Demon’ that is going to hurt people, there are the children that don’t know how to get across. There are those who need to get a message across to someone.

More than people know, it is my belief that the dead do affect the living in more ways than people know. (personal feeling here).

I remember listening to some of the shows and they seem to only want to say that a shadow is the proof, why can’t it be the people in the community that show the proof? Why can’t it be the people who worked at Alcatraz and saw the horrors that went on when there was no talking allowed at all.

When was the last time you sat down and thought about someone you know that has crossed over? Did you have the same feelings for them? Did you find yourself thinking of how much you missed them? Do you think that they know?

Maybe they do know, maybe that when they hear your thoughts they remember that they loved and had a good impact on one person’s life. Maybe we need to remember this and remember the past.

The Ancient Ones… Medusa

We all have heard of ‘Medusa’ in some form or another. Most of the people think that she is a ‘Titan’ but in reality there is some rather interesting information on her.

First off: I play a game called ‘Titan Quest: Immortal Throne’ on the computer and that is what gave me the idea for this post.

Medusa is a ‘Gorgon’ or snake woman, this is different than a ‘Titan’. In Greek mythology, the Titans are older than the Gods of Olympus. They were defeated by Zeus and his brothers and sisters who became the Gods.

The main Greek Gods are: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, Athena, and Hephaestus. There are many others as well. ( http://rickriordan.com/extra/meet-the-greek-gods/ )

Medusa: She was originally a human. She was a priestess of the Goddess Athena with golden hair. There was a little problem: like all the priestess she was to be celibate but she got wooed by Poseidon. Forgetting her vows to Athena, she married Poseidon. The Goddess Athena was not happy (who would be?) and decided to punish her.

Her golden hair was turned into poisonous snakes, her eyes that had been love inspiring turned into blood shot, anger filled orbs. Her skin took on a greenish tinge to it.  http://www.greekmythology.com/Myths/Creatures/Medusa/medusa.html)

According to Greek mythology: Medusa was horrified and fled from her home. She wondered and went to Africa where little snakes dropped from her hair (this is the reason that there are so many poisonous reptiles in Africa according to Greek mythology.) and anyone she looked at would turn to stone. The legend says that her life came to an end at the hands of Perseus.

How many times have we seen people jealous over someone’s looks? Or how many times have we seen people do things to others due to the fact that they are outside the norm?

Some will say that mythology is not real, it is the ancient people’s way of explaining things. That may be true in some things but there is a different layer here. Most people today look back and say that it is all nonsense, but are you sure? Who can say  for 1000% that while we know that Volcanoes erupt due to magma, that Hephaestus isn’t creating a new weapon on his anvil? Or that when a person wishes that something ‘bad’ happen that they aren’t in fact putting a curse on the other person.

Mythology is a way of telling a story that people don’t know how to explain. Maybe we should look at the information with truly open eyes and we can see the grain of truth there.

That is why I chose Medusa for the first one to do: The legends are far more interesting than what people think. Maybe we can use them to show that not everything is as it seems.


The commercials on TV confuse me. Maybe someone can help me figure it out. I understand that people want to make money, I will state this straight out but as I go through this post you will understand why more. There will be links to other sites that I am using for reference sites.

I have an understanding of how medical things work. I understand that medication companies want to make money and feel that they have the best ‘drug’ on the market. This is why it confuses me.

One of the most recent commercials I have seen is about Abilify. Abilify is used in mental health treatment. I know that it is used for very specific reasons and I understand that.(https://www.drugs.com/abilify.html)  So what I don’t understand is the recent commercial stating that if you had taken this medication and had lost a large amount of money ($30,000.00 they said) due to compulsive gambling that is was the medication’s problem. I did a Google search and found that the search results were: About 378,000 results (0.49 seconds).

This is where I get confused. If a doctor puts you on the medication it is for a very specific reason. To say that a person lost money due to a different reason is the medication makes no sense.  This is when I started to think about this post. I started to think about the other ads that I had seen and it worries me.

Some of the others that I have seen are Pradaxa. This is a type of medication that prevents human blood from clotting and causing severe medical issues. Some of these issues can include  Deep Vein Thrombosis or blood clots in the legs. It is also used for clots in the lungs and other areas. The doctor that would have put a person on this would have known that the benefits of the medications were higher than the possible side effects.(https://www.drugs.com/pradaxa.html)

Again I went to a Google Search and found that the search results are: About 125,000 results (0.43 seconds). These are for the people who are doing lawsuits against the makers of Pradaxa for severe bleeding issues.

So I decided to do one that I have heard as almost a cure all for people: Humira. This is one that has been said to deal with severe plaque psoriasis, Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and others. The fact that there are several side effects to it and it is given by injections and the public is being told that this is almost a cure all. (https://www.drugs.com/humira.html)

Again I did a Google search for any lawsuits on it and found: About 60,000 results (0.46 seconds).

So my question is if these medications are being pushed on the public why aren’t they being tested all the way. I know that people want to feel better but what about what nature has out there. Why go to the doctor for a headache when you can treat it at home for a lot less? People use medications too much and then when there is a problem they go and say it is the medications fault.

If you have dry skin for example, try looking up the recipe for peppermint oil, make some and put it in a bath. Or you can go spend money on lotion that is chemicals. The thing is that the peppermint oil can be used for so much more than just the dry skin.

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