Lost or Found

When you go out, do you ever want to get lost? Sounds so strange, doesn’t it? Getting lost on purpose? Why do it? With all the technology we have, is that even possible? Our phones have GPS, our cars have programs like On-Star to help, so why would we want to do the very thing that we have been given tools to avoid.

If you think about it, the U.S. was found by a person who thought that they were in India. When Columbus set out it was to find a faster way to India. No European knew the America’s were in the way. Some people thought that he would sail off the planet. Yet he got help from Spain and when he saw the Native American people, he thought he had done it.

When the Mayflower landed in Massachusetts, they were running out of beer, yeah I said beer. At the time people didn’t drink water, it was too contaminated to be safe. The beer was a lot weaker than today’s. There are several cultures that used beer as a way to get nutrition into the workers. The Egyptian people drank a beer like beverage that was claimed to be healthy for the people. They made it to where there was a nutritional value in it.

As a species, getting lost has helped us to get creative and new things come to be created. If we look at some of the things that were thought of, those that weren’t done are not within the ‘norm’ and political parties stop the process. Henry Ford had an awesome idea, he noticed that people were driving their cars to the point where the vehicle was not working. His idea was to use natural fibers instead of steel and the cars would be lighter and stronger than the steel cars. There was a steel shortage in the country. Yet he never got more than 1 off the lot. The reason was HEMP fibers were used in the car. Hemp is part of the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is the same type that marijuana is, so they are treated as 1.

The next time you see an old ship with lots of rope rigging,  that is hemp fibers. When the U.S. was young, the colonial era people were told that every person had to make an attempt of growing hemp. In the late 1800’s, it was so common to use marijuana for medical reasons that it could be purchased from the ‘Sears and Robuck’ catalog. It was considered to be a ‘rich person’s drug of choice.

It was even tried as a truth drug. There was not a lot of luck with that.

All of this happened due to a person who got lost. Maybe we should try leaving the electronic devices at home and go out for the fun of getting lost.


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