Pain again … Why?

Why do people cause pain for others? Why do they cause people who are different to suffer? Why are some so blind that they can’t see?

I am partially blind and I see people as people, not as Black, White, Straight or part of the LGBT community. Their DNA is no different than mine. They have a right to be able to live and love. Why do people have to target them for hate.

Over the years we have had others that have tried to say that people aren’t the same due to the color of their skin or their religious beliefs and it makes me sad. Waking to hear about the shooting in Orlando makes me wonder why? Why can’t we learn? Why does the hatred exist?

I wish that I could take people by the hand the way I did to a young GI when I was in the service and show them what the hate does. Show them that destroying some isn’t going to make this place better, it is going to make things worse for us.

We are all the same, we need to have the understanding that people will be the same. You only cause the pain to those who have to live with the memories of their family members that were destroyed in a moment of rage.

Please understand that this world is one that will be here and only we can destroy each other. People need to wake up.


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