The Ancient Ones… Medusa

We all have heard of ‘Medusa’ in some form or another. Most of the people think that she is a ‘Titan’ but in reality there is some rather interesting information on her.

First off: I play a game called ‘Titan Quest: Immortal Throne’ on the computer and that is what gave me the idea for this post.

Medusa is a ‘Gorgon’ or snake woman, this is different than a ‘Titan’. In Greek mythology, the Titans are older than the Gods of Olympus. They were defeated by Zeus and his brothers and sisters who became the Gods.

The main Greek Gods are: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, Athena, and Hephaestus. There are many others as well. ( )

Medusa: She was originally a human. She was a priestess of the Goddess Athena with golden hair. There was a little problem: like all the priestess she was to be celibate but she got wooed by Poseidon. Forgetting her vows to Athena, she married Poseidon. The Goddess Athena was not happy (who would be?) and decided to punish her.

Her golden hair was turned into poisonous snakes, her eyes that had been love inspiring turned into blood shot, anger filled orbs. Her skin took on a greenish tinge to it.

According to Greek mythology: Medusa was horrified and fled from her home. She wondered and went to Africa where little snakes dropped from her hair (this is the reason that there are so many poisonous reptiles in Africa according to Greek mythology.) and anyone she looked at would turn to stone. The legend says that her life came to an end at the hands of Perseus.

How many times have we seen people jealous over someone’s looks? Or how many times have we seen people do things to others due to the fact that they are outside the norm?

Some will say that mythology is not real, it is the ancient people’s way of explaining things. That may be true in some things but there is a different layer here. Most people today look back and say that it is all nonsense, but are you sure? Who can say  for 1000% that while we know that Volcanoes erupt due to magma, that Hephaestus isn’t creating a new weapon on his anvil? Or that when a person wishes that something ‘bad’ happen that they aren’t in fact putting a curse on the other person.

Mythology is a way of telling a story that people don’t know how to explain. Maybe we should look at the information with truly open eyes and we can see the grain of truth there.

That is why I chose Medusa for the first one to do: The legends are far more interesting than what people think. Maybe we can use them to show that not everything is as it seems.


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