Order out of Chaos


What if I told you that no matter how bad life gets there is a way to make order out of chaos? People feel that the speed of life is nothing than chaos having to move at the speed of light. The thing is that we can make order out of it.

If we take a look at the past, aside from the technology that we have, not much has changed. We still need the basic things; food, shelter, family and communities. Today if you ask people they will tell you that they don’t have time for their communities due to the jobs that they have, going to doing other things and that they don’t have honest time.

My question is this: if a person has time to go to the mall to get the most recent iPad, why don’t they have the time to sit and eat a regular dinner with their families? If a person has the time to drive to the coast for a wedding then why can’t they take the kids and make a weekend out of it for the entire family?

Now I know people feel that to keep up with others in their community they need to have the latest electronics or the newest TV but why? What happens if the power fails for an extended period of time? What good is the newest TV when they don’t have food to feed their kids? Is the TV going to keep them warm when the power is out and the kids need to sleep? Not really.

If a person has a hobby that is a benefit to others then they can work as part of a community to keep others safe and in return themselves safe. I am one of those people that likes to work with yarn. I make blankets for people, for no other reason than to give it to them. I have seen the joy on peoples faces when they get something that is hand made and it makes you feel good.


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