DNA … Do Not Assume!!!


I was just listening to MSNBC and the breaking news makes me sick.  To the injured in Sacramento CA, my heart goes to you to get well and don’t let the hate fill your soul.

The reason I put this out as DNA, is more than one reason. The group that wanted to have the rally was a known part of the white power culture. The people who were there to protest it see people as people, color doesn’t matter.

The thing that people don’t think about is that it is proven that there may be only one or two genes difference in the person’s DNA that makes them fair skinned, or dark skinned. There is only one or two genes difference between a male and a female person. So to hold a rally about a person’s skin color is not the best thing in the world.

It is documented that fair skin, blonde hair, red hair, blue eyes are actually a genetic mutation. When people came out of the African continent they had a serious medical issue. Vitamin D. It is made in the human body through absorption of the sunlight. Those with darker skin and hair had a harder time creating it as they got into the European parts of the world.

Nature took over and began to lighten the skin and hair to be able to get the sun it needed to make Vitamin D. As evolution took over it began to become more lighter and fairer to balance out what is missing naturally.

Please Do Not Assume that a person’s skin color makes them less of a person!!!

We have had this problem for far too long in the United States and other places in the world. When are we going to see that there is other information that needs to be seen before judging people.

We have had this problem for as far back as humanity goes. The Spartan City State in Ancient Greece is an example. The only people who were allowed to have tombstones were mothers that had died in childbirth or a soldier that fell in battle. The kids were checked at birth to see if they were fit enough, if yes they lived, if no they were left to pass away.

Coming forward in time, when the Europeans came to the Americas, they thought that the Natives were all savages. These are people like the Hopi Indian Nation that traded with the Mayans. The people were judged by the fact that they lived a different life style.


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