Word Bond

Does anyone know what a word bond is? Does anyone even follow through with it? Does anyone even care anymore?

If a person says they are going to do something, then it is giving a word bond to them. If they are going to charge a set price and make the sale, that is a bond. Changing the terms without permission or for convenience is breaking that bond.

Sprint is doing just that. Sprint has commercials saying that they are going to do a cost less program for people to transfer to them. This is bogus. They have broken their word bond in so many times with me that it is pissing me off.

They told me that it would be about $70 for my monthly bill and now it is almost double. They are doing commercials saying they will pay for the transfer to them — I had to get the supervisor on the line to get any type of help with it and then it wasn’t enough.

They send me bills that don’t show the payments that I have made. This is the biggest mistake that they could do. I have tried to work with them and they haven’t chosen to stop messing with me.

I am so tired of this but I need to have the phone to make it to job interviews and other things.


2 thoughts on “Word Bond

    1. Bonjour, vous devez contacter WP ou utiliser un autre navigateur. Je ne suis pas familier avec celui que vous utilisez et je sais que cela fonctionne sur Google Chrome et Internet Explorer. J’utilise Google Translate pour ce que vous ne devez pas essayer de comprendre mon anglais américain. Si vous avez des suggestions pour le site se sentent s’il vous plaît libres d’écrire pour moi.


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