Health for Sale…

What if I told you that some people feel that our health is for sale? What if I told you that they were the ones that were meant to help us feel better? The doctor you go to, the person at the pharmacy, the nurse that sees you when they check you in … what if they only saw you as a dollar sign instead of a person. Now what if I told you that this is happening, here, now, in this very country. What would you do?

 When we go to the doctor, most of us aren’t feeling the best. Yet how many of us have gone in for a routine ‘well health’ exam and come out with more than one medication prescription for something that we didn’t go in to be seen for. Some of us are so conditioned that if we don’t get the prescription form, we feel that we have wasted money.

I went a follow up visit to the doctor a couple of weeks ago. I ended coming home with three new medications, no information on how they would affect my body other than what it was to help me. (Warning — they forgot a lot of information)  Now the doctors and the pharmacy that I had gone to was the local VA Medical Center.

So I take the medication the way I am told and within the first few days started to notice that I was having some strange things going on with my body. I thought it was my body was getting used to the new medication.

Some medications will cause a condition called ‘tardive dyskinesia’ this is the minor tics and tremors that some people get. There is a difference between ‘tardive dyskinesia’ and ‘extreme muscle movements’.  ( ) When a person has ‘extreme muscle movements’ they are often called ‘involentary muscle movements’. These are often painful to the person and can be a marker that there is something seriously wrong.

When I started to have involuntary muscle movements the doctor said to cut back and stop taking the medication, makes sense… but what didn’t was that they still didn’t warn me of the other problems that would happen as well.

Ended up at the hospital last night and they had to run a bunch of test to see if I had damaged some of the major muscles seriously in my body. The ER doctor asked me if I had been warned about the involuntary muscle movement. They were shocked when I said no and what the medication was given to me for.

Makes me wonder if my health is for sale? Is It? What is it worth? zjkksfm


Why are people doing …

Why are people praying on the weak? Why are they praying on the ones in need? Why do they hack into basic things like people’s phones? Why do they steal from us the most basic things? Our Identity? Our bank information? Our heritage? This is a cautionary tale for all of us to remember … nothing is safe.

How much of our lives are on the internet? How much of our information is there that can be found there? There is many ways for information to be gotten by those who want to do things to others. Think about it, if you ‘Google’ your own name, you might find more information than you thought was out there. It is scary especially if you have a common name.

Think about it, how much do you do online? Do you shop online? Do you pay your bills online? What about the bank? What would you do if suddenly lost all that information? Think about it for a minute, if a person calls you up and says that they want to give you a large amount of money and you have no clue who that person is you ask questions … I hope. If you were called by the local fire department wanting your help in raising funds for a new fire house, it would show up on the caller id as the local fire department … are you sure? 

I had a call the other day (this is true) and the number that was calling my home was my home. Someone had used my phone number to cover who they were. When I answered it they were trying to sell me something and when I told them to remove my number from their calling list and to remove it from their caller id cover number I got dial tone real fast. Then the people tried my cell phone and it showed up as my home number. It was the same person and I offered to call the police on them for stealing my phone number for illegal use. Dial tone even faster.

The caution tale of this is simple: If a person calls you and they aren’t a person that you talk to all the time, ask questions. I promise if the person is legit, they won’t mind answering a few questions. 

The internet is a rather interesting challenge. If you go through an online store and get something. Check your bank statement if you use your debit card. Make sure that it is the only charge that the company made. Some companies will put a $1.00 hold fee and that is common.

During the holidays if you use a card on line and you get the statement, double check it. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

This is a common thing to do. When you go online, pay attention to who is around, if you are using public Wi-Fi then wait to get what you want unit you get home.

Do things like change your passwords every so often, I know it is a pain in the butt to do but it can save you a serious problems. Set up a secondary password to where if you have to call the bank, they ask you for the passcode before they say any information and after the normal verification. 

A Second Hand Emotion…

Why do some people feel that love is a second hand emotion? Why do they feel that it isn’t needed? What happens when it is missing from our world?

If love is a second hand emotion then why do we need it. I have seen what it can do, the good, the bad and the very nasty. What is the reason that we feel it?

There was part of the human mind that for the longest time wanted to be part of a community. Now it seems to be doing just the opposite. People seem to only care about money and getting over on people.

I have honestly seen families sitting at a table, eating dinner and texting on their smartphones or on Facebook or Twitter and not talking to each other at all. What happened to the family?

This is the way that most of life is now a days. I am not the only one seeing this. I see people who can’t afford food but they won’t accept a handmade blanket for their kids because it wasn’t gotten from a store.

The blankets that I make are made with the hope and dreams that someone will find something special in it.

Love, it is like another word, Karma. The meaning is what matters but to be honest I feel as if most of the people I see now a days are different looking versions of ‘Agent Smith’.

This world is lonely and confused. Why don’t others reach out and see the truth. Help others. Take a simple 4 letter word and put a meaning behind it if possible.

Where are we….

We all know that we live in the Solar System around the sun but where are we going as a group of people? Where is the new world going to begin and the old one going to end? 

When I say the old world is going to end, I don’t mean an asteroid hitting the planet, I look at it as when is the cycle going to start to where we have learned from the past and stop making mistakes that we have.

If you look at some of the greatest minds in history you will find one thing in common, they all looked at things in cycles. Remember 2012, everyone one thought the world was going to end due to part of the Mayan Long Count Calendar had ended on the date of December 21, 2012. News Flash – It didn’t end!!!  

What most people didn’t know was the Mayans saw the cycle starting over — we get another chance to make things right for a change. It is said that the Hopi Indians are masters of space, and the Mayan are masters of time. The Hopi and Mayan are just two of the cultures that worked in cycles.

Michel de Nostredame better known as Nostradamus saw things in cycles. He was more than just a prophet, he was a plague doctor. When his family was living in France before he was born the King came through and said that all Jewish people had to convert or get out. His family converted and he was the first Christian born in his family.  He was born in 1503 in Saint-Remy-de-Provence France. This site is a wonderful thing to learn about him on


If we had the kind of education that Michel de Nostredame had, this world would be a much better place. Basic understanding of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, as well as math and possibly the ancient traditions of the Jewish religion and astrology. Man I would pay so much for even half of that. Then to be a plague doctor and have the gift that he did, I would do so much to help the world out. 

Here are my questions to you … how can we make this cycle of the planet a better one for our children and their children? How can we show them right from wrong? How can we prevent things from happening that some say are just part of nature but are so far off the natural scale that it isn’t funny. 

There are people out there that honestly want to say that humans aren’t causing ‘Climate Change’. If 100 years ago the carbon dioxide concentration was 290 parts per million and in 100 years it has gone to 369 parts per million at the time the page I found said how can some say that we aren’t do this? This is the page that I used to get the information on the carbon dioxide change.

106_co2-1280x720greenhouse-effect We need to make a change! The first image is from NASA! 

So what can we do? Walk to the store for milk instead of drive … if the store is close sure, take the bus to work … sure that would bring it down a bit, if you live in a city that things are close, ride a bike, walk, plant trees in your yard. Show the kids that there is a difference out there than what we have now. This song sums up what I feel on this one.



Then and now…

Have you ever noticed how things have changed in your lifetime? Think about it, and you might be shocked at what you find. I will admit that I am old enough to remember when there was no such thing as cable TV. We had four channels and if the President was on our night was over! Every channel had set things at set times. We could set our watches by the news being at 5pm – no matter what sports show was on – World News at 6pm. 

I am old enough to remember the first video that came out on MTV was ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ by a group called The Buggles.  This is the link that will show you how much things have changed.

Thinking back on my life, I remember when there rotary phones (yes they did exist.) 35 I am old enough to remember there was something called a pay phone and you needed quarters to call home. former_at26t_payphone 494310928_tp.

When I was in high school (this will tell you how old I am) we used magnetic tapes to load programs into computers and the common response that we got was C://Invalid Command Path// and the screen had two colors, black and green. ms-dos_pantalla  

If we got to school and had to do a report for history class we had to go to the school library and find the information in the encyclopedias and history books and then handwrite or use a typewriter to do the report. There was no delete button and spell check, you did it all. If you misspelled something we had to use white – out to cover over or retype the entire page. scmsupersterling dscn1409kdwriting08 Kids today have things so different, everything from phones, to the TV channels, to the music videos to the type of reports to do. 

When did we change from what is above to if you need to find out something you touch a mic icon on your phone and say ‘OK Google … ‘ and ask your question. When did reports go from having to learn how to use a card catalog to find the correct book to this?

It seems that kids don’t realize that we did have other things when we were growing up and that what they consider ‘old’ was at one point the latest thing out there. 

I remember when you wanted to hear a song you had a few choices, listen to the radio, play a vinyl record or play a cassette tape and hope it didn’t get eaten in the process. Today the kids have MP3 players, YouTube and so many ways to get what they want, but they are missing one concept in it all — having to work for what you want or need to have.

Kids today feel that they are entitled to everything and the attitude isn’t the best for this planet. How many of the older groups remember having to mow lawns if they wanted to get the latest Van Halen album and then if they wanted something more expensive they really had to work for it. 

Those are the ethics that are missing today from what I see. When kids that are 9 and 10 have cell phones that are more expensive than my water bill I am going ‘WTF?’. When those same kids will throw a fit when asked to take the garbage to the dumpster or get the mail and the parents have to tell them that they will get something in return I want to freak.  I know that I am old school but how are the kids going to learn responsibility if they aren’t taught that there is a punishment for not doing something that they had to do?

I ask each parent something, look at the way you were raised and the way your kids are being raised. If there is a major difference in the behavior, then work on changing it. The kids are the future of this planet and we need ones that are going to be responsible not ones that don’t care about their neighbors.


Are We A Nation of …

Are we a nation of prescription drug abuser? Why are we trying to find a ‘pill’ to cure everything? Why can’t we use natural medications instead? Why are the doctors being treated as ‘medical professionals’ instead of ‘drug dealers’? This is a cautionary tale and there is some personal information on what has happened to me.

The fact is that the United States is one of the two countries that allows advertising of medications on TV. ( ) Why do they have the right to do this? When you hear the ad say ‘ask your doctor’ then you should see a giant warning sign! cropped-warning.jpg

Medications are making people sick or maintenance. Doctors are willing to write a prescription due to the fact that they are not trying to make you better, they are trying to make his profit.

I have been told more than once that I have problems due to the fact that I ask questions. The simple reason is that I have seen what the prescriptions can do. That is the reason for this. At one time I was given 20 different medications daily by the VA Medical Center plus the extra for as needed. The total was over 23 prescriptions at the time. I wasn’t healthy and the more that I wanted off the more that they gave me. I was at almost 400 pounds and the doctors told me that I needed to walk more but at the same time to take more medication for the pain that I was in due to the amount of weight that I had put on.

One day I got pissed at what happened to me: I stopped most of the medications. (This is not the best idea, to do it the way I did). DO NOT QUIT MENTAL HEALTH MEDICATIONS COLD TURKEY – THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS!!!! If you want off them then you need to get an ability to cut them down! … I did that and I spent six months of pure hell for it. 

I managed to go from almost 400 pounds down to 250 pounds. This is a drop of almost 150 pounds. But I suffer everyday from the damage that was done to my body.

People should go back to what nature has got for us. If we have a smart bone in our bodies we will question what the doctors are trying to give us. I have been the person that the doctors try to use big medical words on me and I go ‘oh so you are saying that my depression is caused by the weather’ and they get mad (very mad at times). They will try to write a prescription. I tell them no thanks and go get some ‘Vitamin D’.

Vitamin D is made by the human body. It is the sunlight going into the human body and it makes you feel better. The doctors don’t want you to see it, they want you to take a pill and that will make you feel better.

When a person is in need…

When a person is in need of help, what do you do? Do you help them? Do you stall until they go away? Do you lie to them, not caring about the person? Why? Have you ever been in a position of need? 

I’m not the richest person in my area, but I try to help others when they are in need. It might be a good meal and a shower or maybe making phone calls for them… But I try to make the world a better place to that person for a short period of time. 

When I have to admit that I need help, it means that I am not able to make the issue go away and everything I have tried has been to no avail. I found myself in that situation recently. I put stuff up for sale on a site called ‘OfferUp’ and got questions about the stuff but even when I lowered the price, there are no buyers. What I know is that my husband and I are stuck. The laptop and Xbox Halo edition are still on the site and when I contacted a local community church, they seem to be stalling and not wanting to help. 

I know that some people have good reason for blocking their phone number but to have a standard feature(anonymous call rejection) be the reason for not calling right away is not a good thing. There are many different ways to call the person who is in need. Most cell phone number show on caller id as ‘Cell Phone’ and the state. 

So many people need help and those who are stalling are only hurting others. Some of these people say they are of this relion or that religion but ALL religions say to help others when they are in need and suffering.

The Riddle…

Riddle me this, riddle me that, when will people learn to not sell stuff to those who show no interest?

The reason for this riddle is simple. There are ways to leave feedback on this site and I can check to see what it is. I have gotten two that have been trying to sell me things that I don’t need. One was a person trying to get me to go to a bingo site and spend money to possibly win money (not happening) and the other wanted to have access to this site to use it to promote theirs (again not happening).

I can understand that people want to make money but they should do research first. If they had read some of the information out there they would have found that it is meant for fun. I get the information out that others don’t want to see. I am one that enjoys writing for the pleasure of it.

While some of them seem to be a rant against others, some are meant to be just plain fun. I honor the input the others leave but the sales ones go straight into the garbage folder.

I wonder …

I honestly wonder what is going to happen to this country. I listen to everything that is going on in this country and honestly am worried for it. The reason is that I remember the history that happened in the world and it seems to be repeating itself.

Some people think that I am being a paranoid person but I look at things a bit on the strange side. The first thing that worries me is who we have running for the highest office in the land. Now that the Republicans have had their convention they are singing the praises in a person that most didn’t want to work with. They slam the head person on the Democratic ticket over something that was handled a long time ago.

I see the water going down and other people saying that there is no problem. I see the temperature going up and people saying that global warming and climate change aren’t happening. I am wanting to know what they are on because they must have rose colored glasses on to not see that we are doing this.

I do things that others are going ‘Why help someone?’ What happened to humanity? What happened to caring about other people? They have lost it.

I live next to a church and to me it seems that the people who can reach others have their heads in the clouds. I understand that their religion is important and that it good for them but the fact that we are on a major bus route why do they have to drive a car? Why not take the bus and save the fuel? In the Seattle area we have a great bus system, there is little reason to drive yet we have cars all over the road.

What happened to people making the right choice? What happened to taking the bus or carpooling and trying to make sure that we give the children of tomorrow a better place?

There is what I call ‘Dark Money’ in the government. This could be the oil people, tobacco companies, drug companies anyone who has money that they feel that they need to try to manipulate the system. We have seen what has happened when this happens with the stock market. We had the Great Depression in the 1930’s and then there is the more recent Enron issue.

Many people don’t look at the Enron problem as something that can happen again. But it has in the past and will again if we don’t learn to work with what we have in a way that will be better for all.

Other cultures have gone through this and they lost everything. There are the Mayans that had one of the largest empires in the Americas and then they vanished. The reason is water. There are NASA images that show that when the Mayan Empire started to collapse there was a major drought and they had built their cities around underground water sources called Cenotes.  ( ) The Mayans were some of the most advanced in the Americas. They traded with the Hopi Indians of North America and their empire went from present day Mexico to present day Honduras and as far east as Belize.  ( )

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