The Ancient Ones … Titans vs Gods


When I do these post on the Ancient ones it is to show that there is more out there than some remember. It is to show that there were other ways of people’s beliefs that to the people of the time was very valuable.

When I say the Titans, most people will think of the movie ‘Clash of the Titans’ or ‘Wrath of the Titans’. But there is more to it.

The Titans were the first set of Immortals in the Ancient Greek religious belief system. They were the parents of the Gods of Olympus. ( )

According to the legends of the Ancient Greek,  Zeus was able to free his brothers and sisters that his father Cronus had swallowed when they were born. Cronus had been told that his downfall would come from one of his children’s hands. To prevent this he swallowed them at birth. (Ouch to say the least.) He was given a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes when Zeus was born by his mother Rhea.

The Gods affected human life in many ways. The pantheon of Greek Gods showed the people that they were in every part of life.  ( ) Most people know of Zeus, Hera, Aries and Athena. But there are many others. Did you know that the reason we have the seasons is directly related to Hades?  He fell in love with Persephone and kidnapped her. Taking her to the Underworld he got her to eat 4 seeds from a pomegranate and she had to return to the Underworld for four months out of the year and we get ‘Winter’ ( ). This is how they were able to figure out the different things that were in their lives.


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