This one is titled ‘Word Meanings …’ for a reason. I see a lot of things going on and these three words seem to be some of the most misunderstood as far as I can tell.

When I say the word Assist what do most people think? Helping someone, right? Most younger people think of helping people to get something in return. Now I know that I am old school, when I think of the word Assist to me it is the chance to help someone due to the fact that they need it. There is no other reason for me.

With the ‘challenges’ that are with myself and some of the people in my complex, I get offended when I ask for assistance on something and the only way that the young kids (under 25 years old) want something in return. I am sorry but if I am asking for help getting the mail, it shouldn’t cost me when the person has to get theirs anyway.

When I say the word Protect and Defend again what is the most common thing that most people think of … taking care of their home and their family. What about the community? When I think of those words, it means the apartments in the complex, it means the people in the church next to my house, it means helping the stranger on the street that is getting their money taken for someone to have it for something that they don’t need.

Not every person sees things the way that I do and I understand that. When I was young I had the ability to learn a lot about myself in a fast and hard way. I joined the US Army and I had to deal with all the challenges that went with it. I took it as a learning experience. I found that I could do things that others said I couldn’t due to the fact that I am female. (Telling me no is like saying I dare you to prove me wrong).

I see the kids today and some of their antics make me sick. I understand that they are being raised by people other than me so I have to accept it. The thing is that when it affects me or others that I care about then I want to Protect and Defend those people.

To those who try to bother those that I care about, please remember that I may not look like much but I still have the gifts to Assist, Protect and Defend those I love. To those who I am willing to do this for, you have earned my respect and love. friendship4


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