Is it time for a Revolution…

This is one that is going to get some rather strange looks, I am sure. There is a reason that I am putting the next sentence the way that I am and you will soon see. This is my opinion and feelings on what is going on in the US at this time. 

I have seen many changes over the years come to this country and while some have been for the good, most have not. I am old school, I remember going to the local library and having to get a book called an Encyclopedia out and having to find the information for the report that I had to do. I learned how to write in script (some young people don’t know what that is) and having to be able to do it neatly and fast because the notes were due at the end of class.

When I was a senior in High School the computers we had, used a cassette tape to load the information. There was no Windows program that you could turn on and it would start to run.

Now I see kids (5 years old and up) with iPads that are specially made to teach kids things and my thought is where are the parents? They are on Facebook or Twitter or on the phone. I have gone to the store to get a gallon of milk and seen kids laying in the middle of the floor and throwing a temper fit because the parents won’t get them what they want … so what do the parents do, they buy the kid the item!  FYI — Kids WON’T  explode if you say a little two letter word to them — NO!!! 

There have been times that I have seen kids that you know are too young to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, get them from friends who has a parent that drinks or smokes and think it is funny due to breaking the rules. When the parents catch them, they are told not to do it againWTF?! I would have gotten (and did more than once) my backside swatted for doing something a lot less stupid than that!

I wonder why this is happening and then I remember what happened when my kids were younger and get really bent out of shape! My childhood was not the best so while I didn’t want to repeat the behavior with my kids, I wanted them to have manners and respect.  To me those are things that are important. They had chores to do, they were well behaved in stores and while they weren’t perfect when they did get in trouble, I made sure that they understood that what they did was wrong and the punishment was correct. They got put in the corner most of the time, and most of the time that worked.

Then they started to change, this was when my kids started going to daycare all the time. I was a single mom and I was working so I had to do it. Then one day, there were some ‘technical issues’ at my parents house and my parents did some things that caused to where I wasn’t at the house with them.

When I got my kids back, they had changed. They still had manners but some of the respect was gone. I thought it was due to my absence from them and felt it was my fault. When I met my husband, he was and is very supportive of what I was dealing with. My parents not so much.

Then one night, my husband and I had a disagreement with my mom and the person who was watching my kids before and after school. Their response to being told that they were wrong … call CPS and tell them that I was a ‘danger’ to my kids. Long story short, I lost my kids due to the way that the people who were telling the stories got my kids to agree with them.

That was when I began to have some real challenges. I had gotten spanked as most people my age did when they got in trouble. Telling a lie was almost a federal crime in my parents house and a sure fire way to get in trouble. I began to realize that people with the money (my parents and the daycare provider) had been able to make the system get what they wanted due to the fact that I said no to them.

Now a days kids will go to the schools and tell the people that they are getting ‘abused’ if they didn’t get the latest video game system or they got told no.

What happened to the community helping raise the kids correctly? What happened kids having chores? What happened to the family working as a team?

While things like the internet are wonderful, the simple fact is that the kids need their parents to teach them right from wrong. They need to be able to get in trouble and when caught, take the punishment that comes with it. The schools should be fact checking what is being said not making an assumption.

Then I realized it is bigger than the family units alone. How often do our government officials say one thing and do the opposite? How often is an African American stopped for doing the same thing that the White kid walking down the same street is doing? How often do people with lots of money try to run this country the way that they feel is best and not care about the damage to the lower people? It happens all too often.

To prove what I am saying here are a few tidbits to think about: When Governor Scott Walker had to deal with the recall in Wisconsin by the voters due to the fact that he wasn’t doing what he said he would, he got help to the tune of $81 Million to win. ( ) Where did most of this come from? Try the people with the money, people like the Koch Brothers. ( )

The time for sitting around needs to end and the people need to take the country back. This song describes it the best in my eyes.


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