This is an update for the post WTF … The Veteran’s Life.

‘TJ’ is still having problems with getting housing among other things. After the first day of doing all the calling around and trying to get things going to where he would have a place to stay.

The first fun’ part: called the Wounded Warrior Program which they are a part of and they wanted to talk with him. So they talk on the phone. They said that he would need to go to King County Vets Program.

The second ‘fun’ part: ‘TJ’ went to King County Veteran’s program. He got bus tickets, but due to his 100% disability rating he made too much to get help. While he was there, he went to see if he could get some food assistance, again was told too much money was made so he wouldn’t get food assistance and he was losing his state medical but  he could get a free phone from the state.

The third ‘fun’ part: Contacted some of the local places for food and help with getting places to stay, most won’t return calls or say that he is outside their area of service. (Mind you he is homeless!!)

Over half these places that we have contacted say that they are there to help the veterans and families. So what is going on? Here is a person who served our country for 13 years and has 100% disability from that and guess what – now they are getting treated like crud.

So what should we do? What are the veterans who are suffering supposed to do when there are groups are out there to help but then find all sorts of reasons not to? Where do we turn? Who can help?


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