I wonder …

I honestly wonder what is going to happen to this country. I listen to everything that is going on in this country and honestly am worried for it. The reason is that I remember the history that happened in the world and it seems to be repeating itself.

Some people think that I am being a paranoid person but I look at things a bit on the strange side. The first thing that worries me is who we have running for the highest office in the land. Now that the Republicans have had their convention they are singing the praises in a person that most didn’t want to work with. They slam the head person on the Democratic ticket over something that was handled a long time ago.

I see the water going down and other people saying that there is no problem. I see the temperature going up and people saying that global warming and climate change aren’t happening. I am wanting to know what they are on because they must have rose colored glasses on to not see that we are doing this.

I do things that others are going ‘Why help someone?’ What happened to humanity? What happened to caring about other people? They have lost it.

I live next to a church and to me it seems that the people who can reach others have their heads in the clouds. I understand that their religion is important and that it good for them but the fact that we are on a major bus route why do they have to drive a car? Why not take the bus and save the fuel? In the Seattle area we have a great bus system, there is little reason to drive yet we have cars all over the road.

What happened to people making the right choice? What happened to taking the bus or carpooling and trying to make sure that we give the children of tomorrow a better place?

There is what I call ‘Dark Money’ in the government. This could be the oil people, tobacco companies, drug companies anyone who has money that they feel that they need to try to manipulate the system. We have seen what has happened when this happens with the stock market. We had the Great Depression in the 1930’s and then there is the more recent Enron issue.

Many people don’t look at the Enron problem as something that can happen again. But it has in the past and will again if we don’t learn to work with what we have in a way that will be better for all.

Other cultures have gone through this and they lost everything. There are the Mayans that had one of the largest empires in the Americas and then they vanished. The reason is water. There are NASA images that show that when the Mayan Empire started to collapse there was a major drought and they had built their cities around underground water sources called Cenotes.  (http://www.waterhistory.org/histories/aguadas/ ) The Mayans were some of the most advanced in the Americas. They traded with the Hopi Indians of North America and their empire went from present day Mexico to present day Honduras and as far east as Belize.  (http://www.timemaps.com/civilization/Mayan-civilization )


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