The Riddle…

Riddle me this, riddle me that, when will people learn to not sell stuff to those who show no interest?

The reason for this riddle is simple. There are ways to leave feedback on this site and I can check to see what it is. I have gotten two that have been trying to sell me things that I don’t need. One was a person trying to get me to go to a bingo site and spend money to possibly win money (not happening) and the other wanted to have access to this site to use it to promote theirs (again not happening).

I can understand that people want to make money but they should do research first. If they had read some of the information out there they would have found that it is meant for fun. I get the information out that others don’t want to see. I am one that enjoys writing for the pleasure of it.

While some of them seem to be a rant against others, some are meant to be just plain fun. I honor the input the others leave but the sales ones go straight into the garbage folder.


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