When a person is in need…

When a person is in need of help, what do you do? Do you help them? Do you stall until they go away? Do you lie to them, not caring about the person? Why? Have you ever been in a position of need? 

I’m not the richest person in my area, but I try to help others when they are in need. It might be a good meal and a shower or maybe making phone calls for them… But I try to make the world a better place to that person for a short period of time. 

When I have to admit that I need help, it means that I am not able to make the issue go away and everything I have tried has been to no avail. I found myself in that situation recently. I put stuff up for sale on a site called ‘OfferUp’ and got questions about the stuff but even when I lowered the price, there are no buyers. What I know is that my husband and I are stuck. The laptop and Xbox Halo edition are still on the site and when I contacted a local community church, they seem to be stalling and not wanting to help. 

I know that some people have good reason for blocking their phone number but to have a standard feature(anonymous call rejection) be the reason for not calling right away is not a good thing. There are many different ways to call the person who is in need. Most cell phone number show on caller id as ‘Cell Phone’ and the state. 

So many people need help and those who are stalling are only hurting others. Some of these people say they are of this relion or that religion but ALL religions say to help others when they are in need and suffering.


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