Are We A Nation of …

Are we a nation of prescription drug abuser? Why are we trying to find a ‘pill’ to cure everything? Why can’t we use natural medications instead? Why are the doctors being treated as ‘medical professionals’ instead of ‘drug dealers’? This is a cautionary tale and there is some personal information on what has happened to me.

The fact is that the United States is one of the two countries that allows advertising of medications on TV. ( ) Why do they have the right to do this? When you hear the ad say ‘ask your doctor’ then you should see a giant warning sign! cropped-warning.jpg

Medications are making people sick or maintenance. Doctors are willing to write a prescription due to the fact that they are not trying to make you better, they are trying to make his profit.

I have been told more than once that I have problems due to the fact that I ask questions. The simple reason is that I have seen what the prescriptions can do. That is the reason for this. At one time I was given 20 different medications daily by the VA Medical Center plus the extra for as needed. The total was over 23 prescriptions at the time. I wasn’t healthy and the more that I wanted off the more that they gave me. I was at almost 400 pounds and the doctors told me that I needed to walk more but at the same time to take more medication for the pain that I was in due to the amount of weight that I had put on.

One day I got pissed at what happened to me: I stopped most of the medications. (This is not the best idea, to do it the way I did). DO NOT QUIT MENTAL HEALTH MEDICATIONS COLD TURKEY – THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS!!!! If you want off them then you need to get an ability to cut them down! … I did that and I spent six months of pure hell for it. 

I managed to go from almost 400 pounds down to 250 pounds. This is a drop of almost 150 pounds. But I suffer everyday from the damage that was done to my body.

People should go back to what nature has got for us. If we have a smart bone in our bodies we will question what the doctors are trying to give us. I have been the person that the doctors try to use big medical words on me and I go ‘oh so you are saying that my depression is caused by the weather’ and they get mad (very mad at times). They will try to write a prescription. I tell them no thanks and go get some ‘Vitamin D’.

Vitamin D is made by the human body. It is the sunlight going into the human body and it makes you feel better. The doctors don’t want you to see it, they want you to take a pill and that will make you feel better.


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