Health for Sale…

What if I told you that some people feel that our health is for sale? What if I told you that they were the ones that were meant to help us feel better? The doctor you go to, the person at the pharmacy, the nurse that sees you when they check you in … what if they only saw you as a dollar sign instead of a person. Now what if I told you that this is happening, here, now, in this very country. What would you do?

 When we go to the doctor, most of us aren’t feeling the best. Yet how many of us have gone in for a routine ‘well health’ exam and come out with more than one medication prescription for something that we didn’t go in to be seen for. Some of us are so conditioned that if we don’t get the prescription form, we feel that we have wasted money.

I went a follow up visit to the doctor a couple of weeks ago. I ended coming home with three new medications, no information on how they would affect my body other than what it was to help me. (Warning — they forgot a lot of information)  Now the doctors and the pharmacy that I had gone to was the local VA Medical Center.

So I take the medication the way I am told and within the first few days started to notice that I was having some strange things going on with my body. I thought it was my body was getting used to the new medication.

Some medications will cause a condition called ‘tardive dyskinesia’ this is the minor tics and tremors that some people get. There is a difference between ‘tardive dyskinesia’ and ‘extreme muscle movements’.  ( ) When a person has ‘extreme muscle movements’ they are often called ‘involentary muscle movements’. These are often painful to the person and can be a marker that there is something seriously wrong.

When I started to have involuntary muscle movements the doctor said to cut back and stop taking the medication, makes sense… but what didn’t was that they still didn’t warn me of the other problems that would happen as well.

Ended up at the hospital last night and they had to run a bunch of test to see if I had damaged some of the major muscles seriously in my body. The ER doctor asked me if I had been warned about the involuntary muscle movement. They were shocked when I said no and what the medication was given to me for.

Makes me wonder if my health is for sale? Is It? What is it worth? zjkksfm


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