Truth or Dare

With everything that is going on in the world today, I thought it would be rather fun to do a modified game of truth or dare. This one will be me asking a question and you decide if the information is truth or I dare  you to prove me wrong. (All the information that I provide will have links to show where I got it.)

First question: Is it true that fair skinned people are genetically different than other people? – This is false. When humans came out of Africa they couldn’t create Vitamin D due to the skin color and the sun not getting in. So we mutated to lighter skin to create Vitamin D naturally. ( ) 

Second question: What is the best type of person to run the country? A person who has lots of money or a person that has life experiences? – This one is a bit different. If a person has life experiences they don’t often have enough money to run. Those with the money often don’t know what it is like to be hungry for your next meal. 

Third question: What was the reason for both World Wars starting and are we endanger of a third? This is a two stage question – the first is that the reason for WW1 was a murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. They were the heir to the Austrian Empire when they were killed in 1914.

 The second World War was due to the treaty of Versailles in 1919. It forced the German people to accept information that they didn’t want and the military came up with the ‘Stab in the Back’ theory. — Are we endanger of a third? If we get the wrong person in office then yes.( )


Scammers – Take Care


This is a cautionary tale — one of my own personal experiences. Everyone has heard or gotten the call from the person claiming to be the IRS and they need to get in touch with them due to the fact that there is criminal activity that they are being charged with.

Before you freak out and give the person your bank information – ask a few questions. First off: ask for their ID number and supervisor’s phone number. If they refuse to give it to you – tell them that you need to have the information. Second off: If they don’t address you by name directly that should be a warning sign. Third off: the Federal Government will show up as US Government on caller ID and they don’t use Google Voice.

I have worked in many jobs and it never surprises me when I hear this type of message on my voicemail. I learned that the biggest thing that these people can’t stand is when someone calls then on their bluff.

If you get a call from a number that you don’t recognise then feel free to make them leave a message. If they are legit they will. If you have caller ID and the internet, go to Google and type in the number. It will tell you a lot of information.

These people are trying to get you to freak out and give them your bank account information and social security number and then they will take everything you have. If you have given them that information then notify the bank and they will watch the account and you can prevent the fraud.


Ever Have One of those Days?

Ever Have One of those Days?


Ever have one of those days that you wish you could hide from? Everything from a shoelace breaking to not being able to do anything right? Think about it for a second … everyone has them. So how do you handle them?

No matter what belief system you have there are test along the way. Some people have more than others and some seem to get upset when the test happen.

I saw an image that made me remember that very statement and I am paraphrasing here ‘Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear’. Now why is that important? If you think about it – when the test come up in our lives it is usually over something we fear.

We all have fears that we are aware of, but what about the ones that we aren’t aware of? If you are the type of person that has to be on time all the time, the unconscious fear is of being late and missing something. Do you have to be in charge of everything? Again the unconscious fear of not getting credit for doing something.

It keeps reminding me of a saying from Frank Herbert’s series of books ‘Dune’.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” ( )

Remember to face your fear and things will work out for the best.

True Ring of Power….


Those of us that have seen the movies ‘The Lord of the Rings’ knows of ‘The One Ring’. But I know of another ring that holds more power than that one. It is called ‘The Ring of Fire’. The Ring of Fire? What is that? Most haven’t heard of it so it is back to Geology 101.

As we all know the planet is made up of tectonic plates. These plates float on the mantle like crackers on soup. The Ring of Fire is the edge of one of those plates. The Pacific Ocean is one big plate. plates2 This is one of the largest on the planet. ( ) The ring of fire is the the edge of the Pacific plate. the-ring-of-fire Now look at where it is up close. (Yikes! this is scary.) ( )

Now everyone knows that the is a chain of volcanoes but my question is if your family lives close to one of the volcanoes would you stay or move? If you look at Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens in the State of Washington would you live near any of them? ger_hazards_volc_hazard_overview_1140 ( ) With this last image in your mind where do you think the major cities if the State of Washington are? map-of-washington-cities ( )

Now if you are ready for the scary map? wa_mt_sthelens_area  ( ) As you can tell there are a lot of people in the areas.

So what do you do if you live near the areas? Do you get ready for moving? That is some of the best area of the State to do farming. Live underground – not a good idea! There is a little town called Orting that has a 40 minute evacuation time if a mudflow called a lahar comes down on it. No, What you want to do is find and learn where the evacuation routes are and know how to get to high ground fast.

This is the best thing to do and make a plan. (

So there is a ring of power, that power is of the planet and we need to be aware of what is going on.

What is Real? How do you know?

What is Real? How do you know?

How do you know what is real? What is it that tells you that something is real and something isn’t? Some of the quotes are from the Matrix series and I will explain why they are important. 

The first one is from the second movie ‘Matrix Reloaded’ In the scene Neo and Councilmember Harmann are talking in the engineering part of Zion.

Councillor Harmann: Down here, sometimes I think about all those people still plugged into the Matrix and when I look at these machines I… I can’t help thinking that in a way… we are plugged into them.
Neo: But we control these machines; they don’t control us.
Councillor Harmann: Of course not. How could they? The idea is pure nonsense. But… it does make one wonder… just… what is control?
Neo: If we wanted, we could shut these machines down.
Councillor Harmann: [Of] course. That’s it. You hit it. That’s control, isn’t it? If we wanted we could smash them to bits. Although, if we did, we’d have to consider what would happen to our lights, our heat, our air…
Neo: So we need machines and they need us, is that your point, Councilor?
Councillor Harmann: No. No point. Old men like me don’t bother with making points. There’s no point.
Neo: Is that why there are no young men on the council?
Councillor Harmann: Good point.’ ( )

What is the meaning of the conversation here? How do we know that we are in control of what is happening in our lives? It does come down to the basic problem of all the movies talk about — choice. That is why when I ask how do you know if something is real?

In the first movie ‘The Matrix’ Neo learns a very important lesson.

Neo: I thought it wasn’t real
Morpheus: Your mind makes it real
Neo: If you’re killed in the matrix, you die here?
Morpheus: The body cannot live without the mind’ ( )

Again the question is how do you know what is real? The human mind works like a computer in many senses. We take information in through what our senses tell us. It then has to process the information through a series of electrical signals. Those signals then tell our body what is going on.

Morpheus: What is “real”? How do you define “real”?’ ( )

We need to understand that in order to find peace and calm in our world.

Neo: I only ask to say what I’ve come here to say. After that, do what you want and I won’t try to stop you.
[the drones withdraw and resolve into a face]
Deus Ex Machina: Speak.
Neo: The program Smith has grown beyond your control. Soon he will spread through this city, as he spread through the matrix. You cannot stop him. But I can.
Deus Ex Machina: [shouting] WE DON’T NEED YOU! WE NEED NOTHING!
[the drones swarm around Neo again]
Neo: If that’s true, then I’ve made a mistake, and you should kill me now.
[the drones swarm… and draw back into the face again]
Deus Ex Machina: What do you want?
Neo: Peace

Deus Ex Machina: And if you fail?
Neo: I won’t.’ ( )

So if we need to find ourselves then we can be truly free and happy. We are people that have feeling and not machines then we are having an impact on this world. It is time for a change in our behaviour or we could end up in a place like the movie shows or worse.

What is the meaning of…

This is a little game called word association. If I say the word music what do you think of? Is it Pandora? Is it your favorite song? How do you feel when you think of the word? Normally pretty good.

Lets try another: Poverty: What does that bring to mind? Normally people of African American descent who don’t have enough  — but they are in Africa, right?

Let’s try that one again: When I hear the word Poverty, I think of the Veterans that can’t get a job because their skills don’t transfer to civilian life. I think of the students that have to go to school hungry because their parents are having to chose between going paying the rent or eating.

The point is there are stereotypes and they are often used to blind us to the truth. The truth is that money will talk and people will listen to the money and not the truth. Here is an example of what I mean, my last name is Anglo Saxon in nature, so most people think that I am mostly European in heritage but the fact is that I am not. I have more Hispanic and Native American in me than European. I took my husband’s last name when I got married so people make the assumption.

Now when you get a person with a lot of money what should they do with it? Now when I say a lot I am talking making $45+ per hour. If we look at it, there are the bills that need to get paid, food that needs to be bought and such. But what about the rest? If that person knew there was a young family that was having trouble would they help or not.

The scary part is that most wouldn’t help… unless they were getting something in return from the person. That is where the problem is. What is wrong with giving a family a bag of healthy foods? What is wrong with giving for the sole reason of the person is in need?

People feel that they have to get something in order to give something. I can prove this. I have a walking challenge (a gift from the Army) and I asked a neighbor kid (age 20) if they could get my mail when they got theirs. They were willing to get it for me if they got something in return. They wanted some cigarettes and know that I smoke (bad habit that I have had for ages) and the only way that they were willing to get the mail (500 feet away) was if I gave them a few cigarettes in exchange.

I got the mail myself using my cane to go down the stairs and they had the nerve to call later and want to know if I had a couple of cigarettes that they could get. This is the problem that I see, the person associates me with getting something for nothing. They know that I will be the person to help someone if I can and feel that it is a weakness to use to their advantage…WRONG! Being human is to care about others and if you have to get something out if it in return then you have a problem.