What is the meaning of…

This is a little game called word association. If I say the word music what do you think of? Is it Pandora? Is it your favorite song? How do you feel when you think of the word? Normally pretty good.

Lets try another: Poverty: What does that bring to mind? Normally people of African American descent who don’t have enough  — but they are in Africa, right?

Let’s try that one again: When I hear the word Poverty, I think of the Veterans that can’t get a job because their skills don’t transfer to civilian life. I think of the students that have to go to school hungry because their parents are having to chose between going paying the rent or eating.

The point is there are stereotypes and they are often used to blind us to the truth. The truth is that money will talk and people will listen to the money and not the truth. Here is an example of what I mean, my last name is Anglo Saxon in nature, so most people think that I am mostly European in heritage but the fact is that I am not. I have more Hispanic and Native American in me than European. I took my husband’s last name when I got married so people make the assumption.

Now when you get a person with a lot of money what should they do with it? Now when I say a lot I am talking making $45+ per hour. If we look at it, there are the bills that need to get paid, food that needs to be bought and such. But what about the rest? If that person knew there was a young family that was having trouble would they help or not.

The scary part is that most wouldn’t help… unless they were getting something in return from the person. That is where the problem is. What is wrong with giving a family a bag of healthy foods? What is wrong with giving for the sole reason of the person is in need?

People feel that they have to get something in order to give something. I can prove this. I have a walking challenge (a gift from the Army) and I asked a neighbor kid (age 20) if they could get my mail when they got theirs. They were willing to get it for me if they got something in return. They wanted some cigarettes and know that I smoke (bad habit that I have had for ages) and the only way that they were willing to get the mail (500 feet away) was if I gave them a few cigarettes in exchange.

I got the mail myself using my cane to go down the stairs and they had the nerve to call later and want to know if I had a couple of cigarettes that they could get. This is the problem that I see, the person associates me with getting something for nothing. They know that I will be the person to help someone if I can and feel that it is a weakness to use to their advantage…WRONG! Being human is to care about others and if you have to get something out if it in return then you have a problem.


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