True Ring of Power….


Those of us that have seen the movies ‘The Lord of the Rings’ knows of ‘The One Ring’. But I know of another ring that holds more power than that one. It is called ‘The Ring of Fire’. The Ring of Fire? What is that? Most haven’t heard of it so it is back to Geology 101.

As we all know the planet is made up of tectonic plates. These plates float on the mantle like crackers on soup. The Ring of Fire is the edge of one of those plates. The Pacific Ocean is one big plate. plates2 This is one of the largest on the planet. ( ) The ring of fire is the the edge of the Pacific plate. the-ring-of-fire Now look at where it is up close. (Yikes! this is scary.) ( )

Now everyone knows that the is a chain of volcanoes but my question is if your family lives close to one of the volcanoes would you stay or move? If you look at Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens in the State of Washington would you live near any of them? ger_hazards_volc_hazard_overview_1140 ( ) With this last image in your mind where do you think the major cities if the State of Washington are? map-of-washington-cities ( )

Now if you are ready for the scary map? wa_mt_sthelens_area  ( ) As you can tell there are a lot of people in the areas.

So what do you do if you live near the areas? Do you get ready for moving? That is some of the best area of the State to do farming. Live underground – not a good idea! There is a little town called Orting that has a 40 minute evacuation time if a mudflow called a lahar comes down on it. No, What you want to do is find and learn where the evacuation routes are and know how to get to high ground fast.

This is the best thing to do and make a plan. (

So there is a ring of power, that power is of the planet and we need to be aware of what is going on.


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