Scammers – Take Care


This is a cautionary tale — one of my own personal experiences. Everyone has heard or gotten the call from the person claiming to be the IRS and they need to get in touch with them due to the fact that there is criminal activity that they are being charged with.

Before you freak out and give the person your bank information – ask a few questions. First off: ask for their ID number and supervisor’s phone number. If they refuse to give it to you – tell them that you need to have the information. Second off: If they don’t address you by name directly that should be a warning sign. Third off: the Federal Government will show up as US Government on caller ID and they don’t use Google Voice.

I have worked in many jobs and it never surprises me when I hear this type of message on my voicemail. I learned that the biggest thing that these people can’t stand is when someone calls then on their bluff.

If you get a call from a number that you don’t recognise then feel free to make them leave a message. If they are legit they will. If you have caller ID and the internet, go to Google and type in the number. It will tell you a lot of information.

These people are trying to get you to freak out and give them your bank account information and social security number and then they will take everything you have. If you have given them that information then notify the bank and they will watch the account and you can prevent the fraud.



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