Hungry for Change…

Are you like me and hungry for change? Are you tired of big money telling you what to do and when? Can you make a difference in the world? Believe it or not the answer is you can make a difference.

We have a special gift in the US and other democratic country … political will. We can change things with the power of the vote. There are some boundaries that we are forced to deal with.

One of those problems is a ruling by the United States Supreme Court. It is called ‘Citizen United’. Up until the time of Citizen United, major companies couldn’t directly influence major elections. When the Supreme Court gave the answer that they did we ended up with large companies being able to influence elections and what are called ‘Super Pacs’ that give companies the ability to dump a lot of money into special groups that support one candidate. ( )

If we really want change then we need to do something … We need to get the ‘Dark Money’ out of the elections ( ) . Find a person that we can honestly believe in that will help us get the country on the right track and it takes a little bit from every person to promote the person.

If every person that honestly believed in this person was to put $50.00 to help the person get into an elected office and say they had 2000 people do it then you have ‘clean money’ and that will help the problem. The person would have an honest outside view.

My problem is that when people come from money they don’t understand the problems that the regular people have and then we end up with a system that is corrupt.

The original constitution of this country is a unique one. If you read it you can find that it has some interesting things in it.( )

I say that those who want to run for a higher office have to truly experience life as a poor person. Take away their credit cards, their nice homes and make them try to survive on little to nothing. See how long they last. If they can do two years without ‘cheating’ then they might make it as a person who understands the regular people.

Companies that like to send their money overseas to not pay taxes should be forced to pay extra. They are claiming 0 on their federal tax return but at the same time are making billions of dollars.( )



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