Why is history important to us? What can we learn from the past? What is repeating itself? Why aren’t we able to see this? These are questions that we need to find the answers to or we are going to be in a big problem and fast. We need to take the blinders off or we are going to find ourselves in trouble.

Some of the information people might think I am way out in left field and others will see a person with insight. I only ask that you look at the information and make your own decisions.

The first question that I asked is why is history important to us? The reason that I have found is that history has a tendency to repeat itself. If you look in the past you can see that we have been in bad places before and we will be again. The thing is how bad does it have to get before we see what is going on. The first example that I can think of is December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese.

Most people think that Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack, just like they think that 9/11 was a surprise attack. Here are some pieces information that you might find interesting. The first pieces of information will be about Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor, there was information that the Japanese were up to something. The Japanese had been on a mission of conquest since the invasion of Manchuria in September of 1931. (http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/world-war-two/causes-of-ww2/manchuria-1931/ ) They had sent an Ambassador to the US when we stopped sending oil and steel to them. They had put their fleet to sea and had them going to where it would be avoiding the main part of the American Navy. {see picture below}slide_6 They had sent messages to the Ambassador to deliver a final part to a 14 part communication on the 7th of December but there is no clear declaration of war with the United States at 2:20 pm EST. This was after the attack had happened.

Now if you look at the 9/11 you see that there were several things that were wrong during the attacks. One of the most common that people don’t think about is the fact that if President Bush had taken a briefing on the August 6th 2001, then he would have gotten a briefing stating that “Bin Laden Determine To Strike In US” (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/11/opinion/the-bush-white-house-was-deaf-to-9-11-warnings.html?_r=0 ) and he would have had a chance to get the government up and running in an alert status.

What can we learn from this? That not everything we are told is always true with the basic media without asking questions. The reason that people don’t like to ask on what is considered a sensitive topic because they are scared of hurting others feelings. The fact is that we need to ask questions of the government to make sure they are telling the truth. We need to be able to check on what they say.

What does it mean when I say that it is repeating itself? The US has been in an the mindset of ‘Isolationism‘ is the best for the country in the past. We were that way in the beginning of the 1910’s and 1940’s {prior to Pearl Harbor} and we have a person who wants to ‘build a wall‘ to keep people out of the country. Now how does this help the country? It doesn’t. If we are working to make the country better and the world better then how would a wall be helping?

Why are we scared to ask questions? We have been told that asking the Government questions is not ‘patriotic‘. Asking questions means we are a conspiracy person and that we are trying to find something wrong to say that the government is wrong on everything.

Here is the question for you… why can’t you safely ask questions to the government without having people look you at like you are totally nuts? Why is it that we are told that the information is correct and to just accept it? There is something called the Freedom of Information Act and that we can ask for information from the government. 

We have something that the government doesn’t like us to use and that is called ‘Political Will’. Political Will means that we can change the people who are in the office. We need to use it and put people in office that will do what we want them to and not what people with large amounts of money want.


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