What is the power of …

What is the power of …

What is the power of the written word? What is the power of the spoken word? How is it different now in the 21st century and 18th century?

The written word is something that we do when we write an email, write a report, do a blog post. People will see it and they can go back and review what you have said on the page.

The spoken word is so different and has so much power that others don’t understand. A person who can tell one person that they don’t like a type of person and they can deny it later. How is this powerful, because the words that they say there is no proof.


When people don’t listen to what others are saying then there is a problem. When they aren’t forced to confront the past, they don’t understand the past can affect the future.

With that information be said The following is my personal feelings on what is going on — you can ignore it or ask why? 

I listen to the chatter on the streets, people talking about the two different parties that are running for the control of the government and some think that Clinton is a good choice, others see Trump as a way to fix the government. Most of the time I just listen. The reason is that often when I get in the conversation people don’t see what I am talking about.

On Twitter, there is a recent thing going around that the DOJ is going into Mrs. Cliniton’s emails again. My first thought was ‘How many times are they going to do this?’ Then a post came up saying that Mr. Trump feels that the DOJ was doing the right thing and trying to fix a mistake that they had made. Again the first thought was ‘Who the f**k are you to say that?’

I find that Mr. Trump is an insult to most people in this country. He wants to build a wall to keep the people of Mexico out, talks disrespectfully about women, talks disrespectfully about veterans and now is saying that if he doesn’t win the election that it will be due to the fact that it is rigged and he will contest it. (We have been there before.)

I have found information on Mr. Trump through a basic ‘Google’ search and guess what when he is willing to accept the support of the former leader of the KKK (the oldest homegrown terrorist group in the US) then you have to wonder where are we headed.

I have done the same basic information search on Mrs. Clinton and don’t find that she is willing to accept the people that want hate in the world. She is a parent and grandparent so she has reasons to want to make the world a better place.

So here is a thing to think about for you:

If we let the person who is choosing to cause chaos then we have a problem.  If this person is delighting in destruction how long till our country and freedom is next?


Gross vs. Net vs. Math…

Gross vs. Net vs. Math…

Riddle me this and riddle me that: When does Gross = Net vs. Math? The answer is painful to hear. For those who need help due to a job loss, a disability, or can’t make it without some help.

Now if you think about it, gross income is the amount of money you get before any taxes are taken out. Net income is the amount you take home after all the taxes, health insurance, and other things are taken out. So the math should be that if a person needs help the people who are hired to help others should look at the person’s Net Income, right? That is how much they have to spend so it would make sense.

Yet if you go to Social Security for assistance for your other half is disabled and make $14.00 per hour, you make too much for the person to get help. They lose their medical insurance, and it goes on.

If you need food assistance again they will look at your gross income and not your net. None of the major groups that are out there to assist people with food needs, go off gross income. skd284501sdc

So we need to change the system. We need to start looking at the net income of a person not their gross to see if they are going to need help.


A Serial Killer or Misunderstood Creature

A Serial Killer or Misunderstood Creature

When I say a Serial Killer, people will think of Jack the Ripper or Jeffery Dahmer. If I say misunderstood creature, not too many people understand what I am talking about. Why is that? What is a misunderstood creature?

Too many people think of a serial killer as a person who kills and uses fear to make more people afraid. If I say a misunderstood creature, they don’t really care. But they should.

The fact is that a Serial Killer kills for the fear that it causes and to deal with the desire to control. The misunderstood creature will kill for food. The misunderstood creature is sharks. There are over 440 different types of sharks in the waters that we know of. (http://www.treehugger.com/ocean-conservation/10-amazing-endangered-shark-species-how-many-do-you-know.html ) Out of the 440, there are only about 20 types of sharks that are dangerous to humans. (http://news.softpedia.com/news/Top-10-Deadly-Sharks-81429.shtml )

Let’s look at the reason why I mentioned a serial killer. If you take a person that is repeatedly destroying human life, they have a feeling of power over the other person. In the case of London 1888 better known as Jack the Ripper there were several things that worked as anchor points. An anchor point is an area where the person is in control and the victim has no control.  With the Ripper case, each of the victims was a ‘lady of the night’ so therefore they would know where to go to ‘take care of their business’.

Now with a shark of any type, they don’t have hands to see what something is. If you look at the ones that are known to ‘test’ people they don’t have hands so they will take a ‘test’ bite to see what it is. Here is the problem when the ‘test bite’ is taken they realize that humans are too bony and  in most cases say bye! The problem is that now the person has to get medical attention and people freak out. sharkwaring_1 The flags that are used in Cape Town are shown above.

There are things that we can to stay safe in the water, just like there are safe things we can do to prevent ourselves from having a problem when we go out at night.

  1. When we go out at night, we go with friends so we aren’t alone. Without thinking, we are protecting ourselves.

  2. When humans go swimming, some think that they have every right to be there. The thing is that humans are visitors. A little attention to the details can help a lot.

  3. Most of the more well-known sharks like to hunt at dawn and dusk with limited at mid-day. The reason is they are able to use their great eyesight to see what is in the water.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sharks eyes are special due to the fact that they are able to see in the dark when other creatures can’t. They have a nicitating membrane that works as a set of shades in the back of the eye or they are able to see better at night. (http://www.sharksavers.org/en/education/biology/myth-sharks-have-poor-vision1/ )

If you are going out whether to the club for a night out or to the beach for a family day, think about where you are and what you are doing. If you are going to the club, who is the person that is driving home? Do you have cab fare if needed?

When you go to the beach, is there a large amount of small fish in the water? Is the water dirty looking to where you can’t see the bottom easy? Is it overly warm water for the time of year? If you don’t see a lot of people in the water, you may want to stay close to the shore.

Remember that when you go to the beach, you are a visitor to the shark’s territory and to respect them.

Boom, Bust, Boom…

Boom, Bust, Boom…

I have been listening to a movie that was done by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame called ‘Boom, Bust, Boom’ and there are some very interesting points. I find that a lot of the information is very interesting and find that I am rethinking a lot of what I do with my money.

The simple thing is that if something sounds too good to be true then it is. I have found it true in the job hunting when I have tried to find jobs that I can do at home and end up with so many scams. The fact is that when I am looking for work and they are saying that you can make a lot of money by doing something simple. A lot of the companies want to have people do things like data entry or typing at home but then they want to have you pay money for a product to show you how to do it.

I am one of those people that will read the small print of the item that they are trying to get me to do. An example is that I got an email the other day that wanted to ‘give’ me a $100.00 gift card to a store but when reading the small print you had to buy several items from different categories and then you can get the gift card in 4 to 6 weeks. Wait a minute! I have to spend money to get a gift of free money  – not happening! So I will get away from the page and then my email gets blown up with these pages want me to finish it.

I see people who see the stock market as the best way to save money. What happened to a savings account? What about working hard and trying to save money? I remember the crash of 2008 and I remember people saying that they had lost everything because they had trusted other people to handle the money for them.

There are times that I honestly think that what people did after the crash in 1929 when they were putting the money they wanted to save in a shoe box in their room and they would tape it shut so they could put money in and they couldn’t spend it very easy.

I see a lot of people with ton’s of extra goodies in their houses but they are up to their eyebrows in debt. I know that I have more than my fair share of it and the fact is that I am trying to find a way to pay it off. Some people are willing to work with me and others try to bully me into giving them money that I don’t have. They tell me that they are going to have it show on my credit report if I don’t pay it right away. When I send someone one an important email I do it in three’s. So when they tell me that I didn’t tell them about the loss of my job I will tell them to read the email on this date that I sent to them about it. They will often say that it doesn’t matter.

When a person is trying to do the right thing by letting someone know that they have a major problem and they are having trouble with the payments then the company should have read it and worked with the person. These are the same companies that are constantly wanting to know when I am going to be getting the next thing from their site.

I have decided to do something odd for a change. I am going to see if I can live on cash and  carry. If I can make it I will do it with money orders for the bills and cash on things that I want. This is a change from the normal due to the fact that most people use credit cards for everything. I want to try using cash only so I can control what I have. I need to do this so I can take the money that I have and get out of debt.

Wish me luck.

Some People make me laugh

Some people make me laugh with the comments that they will leave on this site. I have it set up to where I have to approve them before they show up for everyone to see. Getting up this morning and the first one I see is an online gambling site and the second one was a link to a less than appropriate site.

I know that some people make money by sending links out and by liking things on Facebook but honestly, they need to pay attention to what they are doing. The reason is that neither of them are relevant to the conversation that I was trying to bring up.

Now for the most part laughter is good. Believe it or not,it will release some chemicals that will help lift your spirits. Some chose to use drugs but nature has a better way -laughing.

There are some things that I think are funny as ever but they aren’t in reality and I have to remind myself of it. Some of the things that others don’t understand or take too seriously I want to ask them to look in the history books and see that we have been there before. History repeats itself and that might not be the best thing.

Why is the food industry…

Why is the food industry…

Why does the food industry not make up its mind? We have people that work with the food industry that feel that sugar is a good thing and that we can cut back on the of amount of calories in we can stop the weight problem in the world.

The fact is that sugar is in everything from baby formula to soy milk, to season packets that you use in the soups that you make.

For a long time, we have been told that if we work out more and eat in moderation then we will lose the weight. If you look at what is in a container of soy milk you will find sugar being listed, as an ingredient. sk_qt_van_nlea Now if you look at a container of baby formula and you will find that it is in there too. similac-label-ingredients So if it is in the baby formula where would it not be. Would it be in sports drinks like Gatorade? gatorade_perform_ll 3a961f5a-a815-4dcc-9529-1ea8e6f10d0e_1-33ad1440b8bd58097d1904c2a2a6b6d7 So is sugar something that you really want in your diet? We all can have some but according to the World Health Organization, 6 teaspoons a day of sugar is a good amount that we should have. Now if you look how many teaspoons are in a can of soda (12 oz) there is about 10 teaspoons in it of sugar.  Want to see an interesting picture, here is a carton of chocolate milk and the ingredients in it. Sugar in our Milk? Wait a minute! This is super strange.



Why don’t we eat real food? Don’t we know how to make real foods? Some people I know that don’t know how to and I have more than once offered to teach them how to make homemade food that is real good and they don’t take the offer up. The reason is that they claim that it takes too much time.

So what is more important, your time to cut things up and throw it in a crockpot and let it cook all day or your families health. I can throw the items that are needed to make homemade soup with almost no salt and no sugar what so ever in it. It tastes better than the stuff you buy in a can and throw in a microwave.


IF you want some recipes to  try out let me know by contacting me through the comments and I will send some to you via email.




Why is History Important…

Why is history important? Is there anything we can learn from the past? How can we use the information contained in the past to protect the future?

I was talking with a friend today and some of the information we talked about made me think about the possibility of history repeating and I am scared of the possibility of the pain it would cause. 

There are some people who say that things I have seen were part of a conspiracy to make a country look bad. The problem is that when I was able to see with my own eyes the damage that was done, then hear that someone has the nerve to say statements such as the ones I have heard… I get sick with rage.

If we forget the past, we will repeat the past. Would you like to know that 11 million people were killed by a person who thought it was a way to make the people who looked like them be better than anyone else. This has happened in the past and if we don’t use the political power we have, it will happen again. Would you be safe? Would you be one of the chosen people who are allowed to live?  What would you do if it was your cousin that was found to be unfit for life? Would you protect your family and your cousin? Would your eyes be blind and let your cousin be taken?

The questions are very important, that I just asked. The information that you know is there, the choice is yours to make. You have the same power as any person in the country. We have a vote coming up. Each person has the right to have their voice heard. The vote is the best way to use the political power we have.

I am not able to see the future, I’m not a prophet. I am a person who sees what has happened and is scared of it happening again. The history is being changed, people are altering it. Documents are missing. The history will be gone if something is not done to protect it.

Talk to your grandmother and grandfather, hear from them what truly happen and remember it. Pass it on to the friends you have.