When was the last time…

When was the last time you thought about saying ‘Thank you’ to a local police officer? What about the person at border? Or a veteran with an American Legion hat on? Or your parents?

Last of all when was the last time you even thought of saying thank you to any of these people? The reason that I ask is the fact that there are those out there that have some of the hardest jobs on the world any yet they very rarely hear those words.

I know that my parents haven’t heard ‘Thank you’ enough from my older brother or myself. I know that we both made their lives hard and that things weren’t easy. It took me a long time to realize that without the strict behavior that they put on us we would have been very different people.

One of my heroes is my Sr. Drill Instructor from Basic and Advanced training in the US Army. Not because they were easy on me but the fact that when others were saying I wouldn’t make it, they kept pushing me. They were the ones that when I damaged my leg and people said I couldn’t do the final run for my graduation from Advanced training they said I could. Running 2 miles on a blown knee is a pain (language edit) and they had made arrangements to where when I got to the half way point they were there telling me that I could do it. When I got to the end, they were there telling me that I had done it and passed. They helped me when I was at the lowest points in my training and showed me that I had the strength to make it through everything that life was going to throw at me.

I see these kids today who have to have all the latest toys and there are some that don’t even know what script writing is anymore. They know how to sign their names on a piece of paper but they don’t know how to do a research paper without the internet.

I honestly wish that the kids now days had to go through some of the things that I did in high school. We didn’t have the computers and the internet to help us with our homework, we had to go to the library use the card catalog to find the books and then had to do the report in hand writing and it was hard to make the deadlines. We had to make sure that the spelling was correct (no auto correct). We had to make sure that all the facts were there and learn how to make sure that the information was correct.

I know that the world changes but kids don’t blow up if told ‘NO’ or if they are given a chore to do. I knew kids that didn’t have chores to do when they were younger and now that they are my age, they have trouble with all sorts of things.

If we shield our kids from everything that would teach them that they would learn a life lesson from then how are they going to learn to be the kind of person who says thank you or the person who holds a door open for an elderly couple that are having trouble getting in a restaurant.

Life is full of lessons that we can learn. Most of life is a test, if you want to look at it that way. Do you go to the grocery store or McDonalds with the $20 in your pocket? Do you walk to the store or drive? The question is choice. The reason that making the choice is important is because if you make the wrong one life can go bad, if you make the one that easy, you could find yourself in a position that you will not want to be in.

Choices are something that are part of everything we do. Some choices we make on an unconscious level, others we make on a very conscious level. The choice is what you need to make. Do you want to live in a dream world or the real world? If you think about what you are going to do, you might find that it is a better choice to walk to the store and get some real food than going to McDonalds. When you are home that night after the walk to the store what if you flipped on the news and found out the McDonalds had been robbed and if you had gone in at that time, you would have been one of the victims. Would you say that you made the right choice by walking to the store or the wrong choice? Most people would say that they had made the right choice by walking to the store.

The choice wasn’t a hard one, go to the store or go to McDonalds. If the person chose the store the outcome was that they got real food, some exercise and avoided a robbery. If the person went to McDonalds, they got food of lesser quality and a robbery that is going to scare them for a while.

So the next time you look at what you are thinking of doing, look at all the choices out there before deciding. The ones that seem to be the biggest pain to do might be the most rewarding in the long run.

I have had a problem with riding local public transportation for ages but I do it. I was having a bad day many years ago and there was a nice looking person who was sitting not to far from me. We started talking about the way that some of the people on the bus had been behaving and that was almost 20 years ago that I met my husband. I am still with him and there are good and there are bad times like in every relationship but the choice that I made I am very happy that I did.

I say thank you to the training that I had to get the courage to talk to him. I say thank you to all his understanding and love that we have together. But most of all I say thank you for the compassion that people have. The fact that there was a person who slowed me down causing me to miss the bus I was supposed to catch caused me to meet my husband so I do say thank you for that.

There are people in the spot light that need to be reminded that we want to say Thank you for all they do. You do that and they will be shocked.

And to those that have read this: Thank you for making the choice to read it.


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