What is wrong with the kids today? That is a question I have been asking since the shooting at Columbine High School in 1999. (http://www.history.com/topics/columbine-high-school-shootings )

My main question is why didn’t anyone ask the parents on what was going? They were willing to blame the music they were listening to, but not looking at the parents. When asked Marilyn Manson had this to say:

Marilyn Manson: When I was a kid growing up, music was the escape. That’s the only thing that had no judgments. You know, you put on a record, and it’s not going to yell at you for dressing the way you do. It’s going to make you feel better about it.I definitely can see why they would pick me. Because I think it’s easy to throw my face on the TV, because in the end, I’m a poster boy for fear. Because I represent what everyone is afraid of, because I say and do whatever I want.

 Marilyn Manson: The two by-products of that whole tragedy were, violence in entertainment, and gun control. And how perfect that that was the two things that we were going to talk about with the upcoming election. And also, then we forgot about Monica Lewinsky and we forgot about, uh, the President was shooting bombs overseas, yet I’m a bad guy because I, well I sing some rock-and-roll songs, and who’s a bigger influence, the President or Marilyn Manson? I’d like to think me, but I’m going to go with the President.
Michael Moore: Do you know that on the day of the Columbine massacre, the US dropped more bombs on Kosovo than any other day?
Marilyn Manson: I do know that, and I think that’s really ironic, that nobody said ‘well maybe the President had an influence on this violent behavior’ Because that’s not the way the media wants to take it and spin it, and turn it into fear, because then you’re watching television, you’re watching the news, you’re being pumped full of fear, there’s floods, there’s AIDS, there’s murder, cut to commercial, buy the Acura, buy the Colgate, if you have bad breath they’re not going to talk to you, if you have pimples, the girl’s not going to fuck you, and it’s just this campaign of fear, and consumption, and that’s what I think it’s all based on, the whole idea of ‘keep everyone afraid, and they’ll consume.’

Michael Moore: If you were to talk directly to the kids at Columbine or the people in that community, what would you say to them if they were here right now?
Marilyn Manson: I wouldn’t say a single word to them I would listen to what they have to say, and that’s what no one did.

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NOFSOeOBsk )

Why weren’t the parents questioned? Why weren’t they brought in and talked to? What about the fact that they had been able to get the weapon’s without a background check? HELLO! I am an Army Veteran and I have to do a background check! but these kids were able to get them.

I find it interesting that no one looked at the culture that was going on. We had the President in the middle of a war dropping bombs on Kosovo, we had other people making choices that weren’t the smartest but people went after Marilyn Manson because of the way he looks.

So when parents can’t or chose not to discipline their kids we get kids that need a good wake up call. When I was growing up we had something called ‘Discipline’. If we did something wrong and it was severe enough out came the belt and it man did it sting on the backside. We didn’t have video games and we had to do things like read books  and do things called chores!

The word ‘NO!’ doesn’t cause kids to blow up. (Proved it by saying no more than once and my kids are now in their 20’s).

Parents please take responsibility for the younger ones and teach them the right thing to do.


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