Can you say something is wrong…

Before I go any further with this post, this is my opinion only. I will provide information as to the reason why I feel this way but it is my opinion only.

Can you say something is wrong with the country when you get one of the oldest American/homegrown terror groups openly saying that they are backing a person that is running for the President of the US?

As many of you know, I am on twitter and I follow a lot of different news feeds. I saw one today that really bothered me. Joy Reid from MSNBC retweeted a message that she had gotten :
I live near KKK headquarters, and I want to make sure everyone sees the paper they left in my driveway, promoting #TrumpPence16. His base: 

Now I understand that they have the right to promote whom they want but the fact that they are still trying to push something that is so very wrong is sickening to me.

Here is some information on them that you won’t find easy unless you are a history freak like me. The reason the Klan was started was to prevent the ‘status quo’ from changing after the Civil War. They thought that the freed slaves were superstitious and therefore used terror to  make them think that the members were the ‘ghost of the dead caused by the Civil War’. They were founded in 1865. They have been known as a homegrown terror group since 1871 when the President (President Ulysses S. Grant) passed The Ku Klux Act. ( )

They keep coming back, dying a slow death due to the internal way it works and then they are reborn. Knowing that a group like that is wanting someone like Mr. Trump in the White House worries me. There are several reasons why.

  • The fact that Mr. Trump has no true life experiences.

  • The fact that he changes his story on the past items several times and has no problem with not telling the truth.

  • The fact that he is willing to use fear to get people to accept him.

  • Being happy to get endorsements from people like ‘David Duke’ (the former leader of the KKK) and not seeing that it is an insult to others.

  • Claiming to want to make this country great but has taken four companies to the edge of bankruptcy and then leaving them just to have them fall and he acts like it is no big deal.

  • The behavior that he has shown to the members of the US Armed Services and the Veterans that have served when he has chosen not to.

Personally, I think someone that wants to run for the highest office in the land should have some real life experiences. This doesn’t mean that they have a silver spoon in their mouth at birth but that they have had some military service in active duty. That they have had to make it in the real world and not lived in a world where they can get a credit card with no problem.

I would like to see a person who is going to run for an office of an elected position have to deal with the challenges that the ‘normal’ person has for up to a year would put things in perspective for them. That would mean no credit cards, physical or mental challenges, no job, limited income, and have to pay the bills.  There would be no car, no private jet and they would have to make it the same way that a person does on limited income.

Our system is in need of a major overhaul, there is no two ways about it. The people that need the help aren’t getting it and those who have money need to stop putting it into elections and manipulations but put it in the people of this country to help them.  Building a wall isn’t going to make the problem go away, taking care of those who need it will. The only way that it can be done is if the person who has the funds is willing to go out and help for nothing in return.



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