Why is History Important…

Why is history important? Is there anything we can learn from the past? How can we use the information contained in the past to protect the future?

I was talking with a friend today and some of the information we talked about made me think about the possibility of history repeating and I am scared of the possibility of the pain it would cause. 

There are some people who say that things I have seen were part of a conspiracy to make a country look bad. The problem is that when I was able to see with my own eyes the damage that was done, then hear that someone has the nerve to say statements such as the ones I have heard… I get sick with rage.

If we forget the past, we will repeat the past. Would you like to know that 11 million people were killed by a person who thought it was a way to make the people who looked like them be better than anyone else. This has happened in the past and if we don’t use the political power we have, it will happen again. Would you be safe? Would you be one of the chosen people who are allowed to live?  What would you do if it was your cousin that was found to be unfit for life? Would you protect your family and your cousin? Would your eyes be blind and let your cousin be taken?

The questions are very important, that I just asked. The information that you know is there, the choice is yours to make. You have the same power as any person in the country. We have a vote coming up. Each person has the right to have their voice heard. The vote is the best way to use the political power we have.

I am not able to see the future, I’m not a prophet. I am a person who sees what has happened and is scared of it happening again. The history is being changed, people are altering it. Documents are missing. The history will be gone if something is not done to protect it.

Talk to your grandmother and grandfather, hear from them what truly happen and remember it. Pass it on to the friends you have. 


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