Some People make me laugh

Some people make me laugh with the comments that they will leave on this site. I have it set up to where I have to approve them before they show up for everyone to see. Getting up this morning and the first one I see is an online gambling site and the second one was a link to a less than appropriate site.

I know that some people make money by sending links out and by liking things on Facebook but honestly, they need to pay attention to what they are doing. The reason is that neither of them are relevant to the conversation that I was trying to bring up.

Now for the most part laughter is good. Believe it or not,it will release some chemicals that will help lift your spirits. Some chose to use drugs but nature has a better way -laughing.

There are some things that I think are funny as ever but they aren’t in reality and I have to remind myself of it. Some of the things that others don’t understand or take too seriously I want to ask them to look in the history books and see that we have been there before. History repeats itself and that might not be the best thing.


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