I have been listening to a movie that was done by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame called ‘Boom, Bust, Boom’ and there are some very interesting points. I find that a lot of the information is very interesting and find that I am rethinking a lot of what I do with my money.

The simple thing is that if something sounds too good to be true then it is. I have found it true in the job hunting when I have tried to find jobs that I can do at home and end up with so many scams. The fact is that when I am looking for work and they are saying that you can make a lot of money by doing something simple. A lot of the companies want to have people do things like data entry or typing at home but then they want to have you pay money for a product to show you how to do it.

I am one of those people that will read the small print of the item that they are trying to get me to do. An example is that I got an email the other day that wanted to ‘give’ me a $100.00 gift card to a store but when reading the small print you had to buy several items from different categories and then you can get the gift card in 4 to 6 weeks. Wait a minute! I have to spend money to get a gift of free money  – not happening! So I will get away from the page and then my email gets blown up with these pages want me to finish it.

I see people who see the stock market as the best way to save money. What happened to a savings account? What about working hard and trying to save money? I remember the crash of 2008 and I remember people saying that they had lost everything because they had trusted other people to handle the money for them.

There are times that I honestly think that what people did after the crash in 1929 when they were putting the money they wanted to save in a shoe box in their room and they would tape it shut so they could put money in and they couldn’t spend it very easy.

I see a lot of people with ton’s of extra goodies in their houses but they are up to their eyebrows in debt. I know that I have more than my fair share of it and the fact is that I am trying to find a way to pay it off. Some people are willing to work with me and others try to bully me into giving them money that I don’t have. They tell me that they are going to have it show on my credit report if I don’t pay it right away. When I send someone one an important email I do it in three’s. So when they tell me that I didn’t tell them about the loss of my job I will tell them to read the email on this date that I sent to them about it. They will often say that it doesn’t matter.

When a person is trying to do the right thing by letting someone know that they have a major problem and they are having trouble with the payments then the company should have read it and worked with the person. These are the same companies that are constantly wanting to know when I am going to be getting the next thing from their site.

I have decided to do something odd for a change. I am going to see if I can live on cash and  carry. If I can make it I will do it with money orders for the bills and cash on things that I want. This is a change from the normal due to the fact that most people use credit cards for everything. I want to try using cash only so I can control what I have. I need to do this so I can take the money that I have and get out of debt.

Wish me luck.


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